Skunk Locations?

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6 years ago#1
If someone can point in the rite direction that would be awesome... Hopefully in the 1st area
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6 years ago#2
rio bravo area at night
They're there in their room
6 years ago#3
I see them everywhere in Hennigan's Stead as well.
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6 years ago#4
Well you have to do it at night, from 6pm - 3am.(I got mine at 12am.) You will find two outside Amarillo, behind the general store. They are also in Pikes Basin or whatever is that called.
6 years ago#5
Those were two raccoons that spawn at the general store
"Winners don't use drugs!" - Various arcade games
6 years ago#6
i found a lot just outside of the macfarlane ranch on the way to amarillo, in the dry grass right off the road at dusk.
6 years ago#7
I found raccoons down around Warthington Ranch... A LOT of them, but I still need 4 more skunks... anyone know a good spot for these?
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6 years ago#8
If you have access to Mexico, there are a ton around there at night. I got 17 of them last night.
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6 years ago#9
Actually I just found a TON of skunks near Warthington Ranch too... had to be night time though...
PSN: Illusions1980
6 years ago#10
Thanks man, searched every place people have mentioned for hours with no luck, finally found them behind the barn at Warthington Ranch. Now where are the elk?

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