American Standardbred (Black horse, fast speed)

#1crb41185Posted 5/22/2010 11:40:03 PM

How do I unlock this horse from the store? I know I have already tamed this breed because I got the Buckin Awesome trophy last night. However, all stores still say unavailable... Anyone know how to unlock this horse?

#2TheKyubiPosted 5/22/2010 11:50:24 PM
Where did you tame it? In the wild?
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#3MaverickRXPosted 5/22/2010 11:52:22 PM
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#4crb41185(Topic Creator)Posted 5/22/2010 11:52:38 PM

Found it in West Elizabeth in the wild. Of the three fast breeds, the Golden one you get by doing one of the Bonnie missions in New Austin. The fast white Hungarian Half bred I found and tamed in Mexico. Found the black one in West Elizabeth but it still hasn't unlocked in the store...

#5crb41185(Topic Creator)Posted 5/22/2010 11:55:08 PM

Thanks for that Maverick. So do I need to go tame another one and hitch it? Can you purchase deeds for multiple horses b/c I already own the deed for the Hungarian Half-bred?

#6MaverickRXPosted 5/22/2010 11:57:11 PM
Yeah you can purchase multiple deeds (1 of each). Get the horse4 you want, hitch it, then check the general store for the deed.
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#7crb41185(Topic Creator)Posted 5/23/2010 12:04:05 AM

Great. Thanks again Maverick.

#8luxenlorPosted 5/23/2010 12:05:56 AM
I found the kentucky straddler in Mexico.. near Perdino (sp)
#9PFireflyPosted 5/23/2010 12:07:37 AM
I think it might be a glitch because I unlocked the Hungarian deed, but never hitched it.
#10ChaosInDarknessPosted 5/23/2010 12:27:34 AM
I tamed mine in the Great Plains.

Took like 15 mins of looking.
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