How do I find Sam Odessa (Stranger mission)?

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User Info: Penguin_lolwut

6 years ago#1
I'm having a hard time trying to find him. All I know that he is at The Scratching Post, and dwindles there at night and day and you can find him by listening to him play the Harmonica. The thing is, I still can't seem to find him.

Any tips on how to find him?
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User Info: ZigMeister666

6 years ago#2
I too had trouble finding him. I think he appears at four spots randomly. basically around gaptooth ridge and tumbleweed. here are some spots i found him: tumbleweed, on that path that goes under the bridge that leads into tumble weed. also as after u go over the bridge into tumbleweed go left instead of going into the town an follow that path.

that spot where west dickens hides out for a bit (after ripping some guys off an before the second an last race). its on the very west border of new austin, there are some crates around there, an a cave if u interested

cant fully remember this one but its north of benedict point, just randomly rode, there was a white concrete gate thing on the road and he was behind a rock, might be able to spot the gate if u look from rathskeller fork as i could see rathskeller fork from there.
hope this helps:), oh and remember to keep expanding your mini map as you ride around (down on dpad), it helps you spot things on your map a lot better.
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  3. How do I find Sam Odessa (Stranger mission)?

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