Undead Nightmare DLC not working

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6 years ago#1
I have already downloaded and installed the dlc. Every time I try to access it, all i get is "No downloaded content installed". any way to fix it?
6 years ago#2
i believe it asks you if you would like to play regular RDR or undead nightmare when you select to start a single player game at the main menu.
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6 years ago#3
[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]
6 years ago#4
evey time I select undead nightmare I receive that same msg. Its like I never downloaded it in the first place.
6 years ago#5
what region is your game? the game must be the same region as the DLC for it to work. so if you got an imported copy you need a PSN account in the same region to get DLC that will work. i believe the option to start RDR or UN was added with the recent patch, so it would appear whether you have the DLC or not. but if you've got a domestic copy of the game then i wouldn't have a clue why the DLC isn't working.
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6 years ago#6

Well that's **** suck! I bought RDR while I was living in Australia. Now I moved back to the US, and I boguht the dlc on PSN and it won't work? WTF Sony! Why!?

6 years ago#7

I've got the same issue... Downloaded it and the game doesn't recognize the installed content.. WTF!!!.. What can I do???

6 years ago#8
Have you tried starting the game? As in pressing start and load/start a game. My game can't detect dlc installed as well,but all the dlc i downloaded works.
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6 years ago#9
It's all Region-Locked DLC buddy, sorry.
6 years ago#10

this is silly.... i have the same problem too, why the DLC need to be region lock? I was in UK and i came back to Malaysia after my studies (logically i bought RDR in UK) and recently download undead nightmare from SEA region, can this issue be fix?

PS3 games are not region lock, the DLC shouldn't be region lock too...

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