How do you fire the UAV machine gun?

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6 years ago#1
I can only figure out how to fire the little rockets. I can't find the UAV controls in the options menu.
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6 years ago#2
Yeah, I swear I've been gunned down by those before.
6 years ago#3
I believe you have to have the vehicle alt fire perk equipped for it to work. From there it's just RMB.
6 years ago#4
You have to have the alternate fire option for vehicles. On tanks it allows a coax machinegun, and on the UAV it's a machinegun as well. RMB to fire.
6 years ago#5
Ah, that explains it. I'll be sure to get that next time >_> Sounds handy.
6 years ago#6 is
Cactus Fantastico comes w/ Extra surprise now.
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6 years ago#7
Note that several other vehicle perks work for UAV as well:

Obviously you know what the defensive and offensive perk does with the UAV (stronger armor or stronger missile).

The Optical perk lets you zoom in such that you can pinpoint your targets accurate while maintaining high altitude.

The Smoke perk lets you fire off six smoke grenades at a time

The faster reload perk, probably could be my favorite, reduces the reload time of each Hellfire missile. Or at least I think it does.
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6 years ago#8
The only bad part of it is that it attracts attention. The UAV can be a VERY powerful tool for spotting, keep it far enough away that to the casual eye it's just a dot on the horizon, and spot everything in sight. Your team will love you for it, as tons of red triangles popping up all over the place give them outstanding battlefield awareness.
6 years ago#9
thank you guys so much ill rape even more and i have all machine things its a maxed out class you will ede from my machines of death
6 years ago#10
the only time a uav is suppose to go offensive is when it seens a tank or is bombing the objective. you are attracting attention if you are using machine gun and it will get killed fast.
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  3. How do you fire the UAV machine gun?

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