Harcore mode: Gol vs m24

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6 years ago#1

as you have seen in hardcore.. these are one shot ko weapons. accuracy some say is 100% on the first shot, and since we reload, it goes back to 100% (but then why have the bars in details there.. i dunno).

so that taken into consideration.. what is the pro/con of using one over the other aside from how they look in hardcore.

6 years ago#2
+Thinner crosshairs
-Slight view sway
-Smaller scope

+No view sway
+Larger scope
-Thicker crosshairs
6 years ago#3

I dont mind the sway at all, thinner CH better right? or just stay with Gol?

6 years ago#4
Try them both out, since which one feels better to you. Personally, I found the M24 to be superior for long range shots.
6 years ago#5

i agree,, m24 doesnt play games at long range. or any medium range.

6 years ago#6
the accuracy on sniper rifles basically notes how fast the bullets drop since you cannot fire fast enough to have the recoil throw your aim off by much with anything other than the VSS(which fires 2 accurate shots and 3+ go haywire.) If you can cope with the bullet drop, go with whatever feels better. The m24 does 5 points more damage at max range, but on hardcore mode or when aiming for the head that doesn't meant much I think.
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