FOC has G1 Prime as Gamestop preorder

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3 years ago#1

Some of the colors are off (IMO) and Prime looks kinda top heavy but looks rad. I expected a bit more though, since Luxoflux already had G1 Megs and Screams, and High Moon reused Luxoflux's models for the DOTM game. Maybe it'll be "DLC"
3 years ago#2
I'm sure that all of that will be released at some point to purchase as DLC. It happened with WFC. I'm hoping so, because I want that G2 Bruticus skin!

I don't know if I'll preorder from Gamestop just to get the G1 stuff. Most likely not, though, because I like to just walk into a store like Walmart and pick up a game on the way home from work at midnight on release day.
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3 years ago#3

lol well I'm preordering from Gamestop. I'll get the game, but I won't buy any DLC unless its ryu good (dohoho street fighter stealth pun). But I get what you mean about just stopping by the store.
3 years ago#4
It's a tough choice. I usually only preorder stuff if I feel like it is extremely limited or I know for sure something DLC-wise won't be offered any other way. I've got a good feeling that I can get all the FOC DLC later on, so I'll just try to get it as early as I can.

I have a similar decision to make with Tekken Tag Tournament 2. Do I preorder it to get the DLC characters right away, or do I wait and download them a month later? I'm guessing I'll choose to buy it ASAP and wait on the characters, but who knows?
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3 years ago#5
I'm not a fan of DLC in general so preorders aren't bad for me especially if I was going to preorder a game anyways. DLC is usually overpriced when comparing the DLC price to the actual game's price ratio and 99% of the time it's a cheap and dirty marketing ploy to get money. ROTF's DLC was good because it actually was developed after the game and there's quite a bit of content in there. Stuff like Capcom and War for Cybertron hiding DLC on disc is despicable to me. I'm actually boycotting Capcom and Bioware games now (Bioware is for a different reason).
3 years ago#6
I'm not a huge fan of DLC either, but since I tend to buy a lot of games used or really cheap and rent a lot from Gamefly, I don't mind supporting developers in other ways like DLC. Yeah, they probably don't see a whole lot of that money after the publisher gets their greedy paws on it, but still, I feel like I'm keeping things even for the industry...

I used to try to boycott companies/brands like Activision and EA Sports, but I started to realize I was getting too worked up about things and missing out on some great games. In fact, I can't even remember why I was boycotting Activision in the first place. I can tell you that if I did continue to boycott them, I wouldn't have played the best Transformers games ever made, and I wouldn't have played some of the best Marvel games to date either.

I don't hate Capcom for the stunts they've been pulling lately with their business practices, I just think they're stupid to think that they could get away with anything like that in this day and age. So, I still buy their games if I really want to play them and just laugh at their excuses as I pick and choose what purchases work for me. Everything else seems to take care of itself thanks to a very vocal internet community! LOL

When all is said and done, I just think that the industry is evolving continuously, and if you don't get caught up in extreme viewpoints, you may find that the more things seem to change, the more they stay the same.
Peace through tyranny.
3 years ago#7
Ugh, Gamefly's prices aren't up my alley.

I try not to take much seriously but Capcom has been ignorantly and obnoxiously rude lately and besides Mega Man (and we're not getting any more of those, actually we're being made fun of for it) and Street Fighter games (which I'm getting less fond of with every new iteration), I'm not missing much. I'm not really boycotting Bioware as much as I'm just not liking their games. I've played 4 of their games and only enjoyed 1. And their previous history isn't pretty either.
There are certain developers out there that can make me buy their stuff no matter the companies they're under though.

lol I love the internet community! They're extremely passionate and doesn't afraid of anything!

I think things have changed more than stayed the same. You can't even trade "memory cards" without your trophies being locked and getting a message "cheating is wrong!" like you're committing a crime or something. That sucks especially if you're transferring data from a busted PS3 to a new PS3 and they claim you "are cheating and didn't earn that data." Nintendo keeps things straight for the most part though.
3 years ago#8
Yeah, I'm not sure why they're so worried about save data, trophies/achievements, and the like being swapped between systems. It's not like that stuff gets you anything useful (except for sometimes unlocking PSN Home or XBL Avatar stuff and gamerpics). Even some Nintendo Wii games have been like that, and there's absolutely no reason for it in my opinion.

Nintendo's good for the most part, but if my Wii dies, I will have to jump through customer service hoops just to get stuff I've purchased on to a new system. That's where I like PSN (and even XBLA) having more flexibility for purchase transfer. It was nothing (other than the ridiculous amount of stuff to download) to get up and going again with my PS3 slim after my first PS3 died. A 360 also has relatively painless HDD transfers if your system dies. But if my Wii goes, I'll have to call up Nintendo to get them to allow the transfer of my purchased items before I can even think about redownloading stuff. From what I've heard, that can sometimes be a pain.
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3 years ago#9
You can't just download your purchases onto your SD card? I have everything on mine including save data although it does puzzle me why some games don't allow save data to be uploaded. But most of the Wii games I like are short and fun so I don't mind playing through them again.
3 years ago#10
You can download your purchases onto your SD card and play just fine (I do that too), but they are tied to the Wii console that you downloaded them to. So if that console dies, you can't just pop that card in another system and play. You have to call Nintendo and get them to transfer your licenses to the new system, which is a pain from what I've read.

It's probably a real easy process in reality, and it just has been blown out of proportion by the internet. LOL
Peace through tyranny.
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