The gameplay could have used some tweaking. REVIEW

#11Sp8cemanSpiffPosted 7/25/2009 12:36:57 PM
Having finished it myself a couple of hours ago, a 4/10, although a bit on the harsher side, seems pertty much appropriate for the game. It's just plain broken, especially if you're trying to play as Lori: as if lining yourself up perfectly in order to connect any sort of attack wasn't awkward enough, you also have to deal with the A.I. constantly spamming that vertical dodge move. Literally two thirds of your attacks will end up hitting nothing but air, and that's just aggravating, especially in a brawler. Lori's attacks are exceptionally weak anyway, so pumping skill points in her combo tree seems totally pointless. The only damage dealing attack in her arsenal is the jump kick, which deals like 10 times the amount of damage than her regular combos. Pretty early on you can unlock her healing power, rendering her pretty much invincible if you aren't too careless.
The controls feel sluggish and unresponsive as well, especially when it comes to the double-tap commands for running (not that you'd ever really need it) A really weird choice of game design also left both Rick and Lori incapable of 8-way movement when using the d-pad. Only left, right, up and down commands work, but no diagonals. You can walk around freely with the analog nub, but pulling off double-taps on that thing is a real pain.
The story was nothing to write home about either. The ending was disappointing to say the least
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