Dead Rising 2 on Nintendo Wii in 2011?

#1SaxonPosted 7/13/2010 5:19:38 AM
Considering that the first game managed to be squeezed down to play on the inferior Wii console that is no more powerful than the original Xbox, don't you think Capcom will find a way to bring Dead Rising 2 to the Wii as well?
#2Spoosoo12Posted 7/13/2010 6:39:27 AM
I'm gonna say no, quickly followed by either way it doesn't affect me, so if they do make it happen more power to them.

Keep in mind this game is going to he a lot bigger than the original. I remember reading somewhere that the engine in the original could support something like 500 zombies on screen at once, whereas this one will support something like 3500 (don't quote me on that, but I remember it being a huge improvement) and I just don't see the wii being able to handle that.
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#3SomarchyPosted 7/14/2010 11:51:23 PM
You said it yourself saxon, the Wii version was inferior cause the game was built on a Next Gen Engine
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#4Ninja-MonkiezPosted 7/17/2010 7:01:24 PM
No the apocalypse has begun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is if they make a Wii version
#5JOELSDLRPosted 7/27/2010 8:22:49 AM
i hope they do, i dont like the 72-hr time limit
#6charlessunkystPosted 7/27/2010 1:23:16 PM
Dead Rising: Chop Till You Drop 2! Now with 5 zombies on screen at once!!!!!!!!
#7SomarchyPosted 7/27/2010 8:03:18 PM
HA! High Five!
*Offers high five*
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#8charlessunkystPosted 7/27/2010 8:19:08 PM
::Returns high five::
Down low?
::offers down low::
#9KnightsBlazingPosted 7/27/2010 8:24:02 PM

Oh and they will prob remove all ability to make stuff

#10SomarchyPosted 7/27/2010 8:34:37 PM
Down low!
*Gives low five*
Over by the boat?
*Runs over to boat and offers boat-five*
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