WTF! If a time runs out on a main mission its basicaly screw you?Slight spoilers

#1UserJukePosted 9/24/2010 9:27:47 PM
So I never played the first one, but I just made it to case 3-2 where I have to destroy the drills. I was doing some side missions such as killing the chef which left me with about 20 game minutes to make it to a drill. I figured it would start a cut scene when I made it to the drill and let me do the mission, but it doesn't. I kill one and run out of time.

WTF! I only have one save and I have to start over now. That is bad game design, imo.
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#2JelekkPosted 9/24/2010 9:33:16 PM
^thats the whole point of this series.....
#3cort12Posted 9/24/2010 9:34:09 PM
You should have played the first, that was one of the biggest complaints people had with it. Imo the time in the first game wasn't impossible (and I hear the time in this one is even more lenient?) and a lot of times I had extra time to kill. Part of the fun is learning what to do and what not to do the next time around with a stronger character. At least you have more than one save slot in this one, so if you are unsure about time, save in a different slot.
#4ChikkePosted 9/24/2010 9:35:20 PM
You can let the time continue and do side missions till the 3 days are over AFAIK and all experience and the like transfer over when you start anew.
The main story line is over on that save, nothing to do about it.
The time limit is there for a reason and its quite generous IMO, on that mission i had more then half of it left when i finished.
#5SoliduswordPosted 9/24/2010 9:35:20 PM
That's kind of what the game is about. Do what you can in the time given to you. You almost definitely won't see every scoop the game has to offer in your first (possibly 2nd and 3rd) playthroughs. You have to time things and make do with your time. I personally like this system because you actually have to make choices.

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#6aroyalsPosted 9/24/2010 9:40:10 PM
yes this 1 is a lot more leniant with time imo
and the 1st was easy to get all survivors because 2nd playthrough you were
a) used to it and
b) had speed upgrades
#7Melancton0Posted 9/24/2010 9:50:06 PM
Did you not pay attention to the tutorials that pop up? They're there for a reason.

What did you think when that slowly decreasing bar was for anyway?
#8Nick2412Posted 9/24/2010 9:55:08 PM
Your inability to use more than the one save slot provided is not bad design. Dont blame the game for you own mistakes.
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#9boogieboardPosted 9/24/2010 10:13:46 PM
Sorry but it is entirely your fault for not using the other 2 save slots. First game only had btw and it was much harder than this game.
#10UserJuke(Topic Creator)Posted 9/24/2010 10:22:44 PM

From: Melancton0 | #007
Did you not pay attention to the tutorials that pop up? They're there for a reason.

What did you think when that slowly decreasing bar was for anyway?

I just figured as long as I made it to the mission area within the time limit I was good. i even think some of the earlier missions were that way, but I could have just been timing them well and didn't notice.
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