Survivor combo cards list? (spoilers)

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6 years ago#1
Not sure what to make of this.

First playthrough, I missed two survivors. I didn't get the achievement for having collected all survivor combo cards.

On the second playthrough (having restarted my first playthrough), I just got through saving both of the survivors I missed the first time. Neither of them gave a combo card, though. So I'm still lacking that achievement.

In order to narrow down just what's going wrong here, I think I need a list. For now, here are the cards I'm missing, most (all?) of which are not survivor cards, though I don't know which are, if any:

blazing aces
holy arms
snowball cannon
6 years ago#2
From memory:
Blambow is from a movie poster,
Wingman you make yourself.

Not sure about the others. But you can cross off the two above ;)
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6 years ago#3
Plate Launcher? You need to give the Tape it or Die guys a plate and cement saw the first time you see them.
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6 years ago#4
Sorry for Double Post

Blazing Aces and Exsanguinator are both gotten by getting all 4 Tape it or Die survivors back to the safe house. You have to meet them during Case 4 and then save them during Case 7.
See You, Space Cowboy!
GT: Linkin10362
6 years ago#5
Ah yes. So I know what happened now.

When I rescued those guys, I had other folks in tow. For whatever reason, I never got the cutscene showing everyone standing in a row and thanking Chuck for the rescue.

In other words, a bug is what prevented me from getting the cards and the achievement.

In order to circumvent the bug this time around, I will take steps not to have anyone else in tow.
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