List of Free Zombrex Locations

Posted: 11/8/2010 10:49:08 PM
Free Zombrex Locations

There are nine free Zombrex doses. Only seven are required to complete everything in the game.

1.) Royal Flush Plaza
- Case related. It is in Big Roy’s Mart.

2.) Americana Casino
- Go to the second floor of the BBQ restaurant and take a right at the fork. Jump up on
the balcony and over to the closest light. Proceed across the rest of the lights.

3.) Slot Ranch Casino
- Backstage behind the curtain. Climb up a stack of boxes and speakers in the far back.
Jump onto a smaller stack of boxes and speakers.

4.) Underground Access
- Directly under the Atlantica Casino. The underground path overlaps the upper edge of
the casino. The Zombrex is near an access ladder on a raised walkway.

5.) Code Blue (mission)
- Save the paramedic (Sven).

6.) Yucatan Casino
- On top of the tallest slot machine display in the middle.

7.) Royal Flush Plaza
- Defeat the Postal Worker (Mission).

8.) Silver Strip Diner – Survivor: Richard (Hunger Pains).
- Bring him food and rescue him.

9.) Safe house – Day 3 around 9 PM.
- If you saved Sven, talk to him in the safe house and bring him whiskey or vodka for use as a
disinfectant. In return, Sven will provide you with one last dose of Zombrex.

Credit to Nogarda for locations 1, 2, 3, 4, 7, and 8.
Credit to andylee999 for locations 5 and 6.
Credit to VakuA for location 9.
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