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5 years ago#1
I cannot win at some of these events, if anyone would like to boost I am more than happy to. GT: Shaggaliciouss
XBL GT: Shaggaliciouss
Pokemon Black friend code: 3181 5399 4289
5 years ago#2
Keep trying.
"This is war; survival is your responsibility..."
4 years ago#3
don't bother posting on here. i did and i got flack for posting and it wasn't even for me it was for a friend for the same thing ur asking for. Asking for "help" on gamefaqs is like asking for 1 million bucks. good luck with trying to get the achievement though.
4 years ago#4
What I meant to put was 'boosting' is more effort than just trying really hard to win. It's not that hard.
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