Every Survivor.

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User Info: blinkyankeeblas

4 years ago#1
Anyone get all the Survivors in one playthrough?

I almost did the only ones I missed were the Poker Players.
and here we go................
or something.

User Info: heatmaster28

4 years ago#2
The only ones I missed were the "Terror is Reality" crew. The prompt didn't even come up for me
No comment...

User Info: Larry_white

4 years ago#3
Yeah I did, but I had to look up a timeline so I knew when the people who don't get calls pop. Was especially helpful cause stacy was being lazy and not calling for many survivors

at level 30 or so when I did it and I did all psychos including snipers, poker players and ante up, plus the fetch golf club and plant missions, and got all kateys gifts, still found myself with nothing to do for pretty long stretches so it's definitely doable if you know where to go.
Also I was using broadsword with sports book and carrying 2x knife claws and 2x pain killers everywhere, so every time I went back to the safehouse I could completely resupply with fresh weapons, so I killed everything quickly cause I wasn't running around with whatever was laying about, so i'm sure that cut off a lot of time

also, get the leadership magazine.

User Info: PBusted

4 years ago#4
Very very easy, you can do all the missions in the game including the one where you get larry the bank money in one playthrough and have time to give katey all the gifts

User Info: Zeratultheking

4 years ago#5
Yeah its not too terribly difficult. I believe after day 1 though you can get bored very easily with the long time between cases. Playing co-op I was able to clear out all of the opening area of zombies through various methods while I waited for one of the next Cases.

User Info: PBusted

3 years ago#6

User Info: CyanicKnight

3 years ago#7
It's pretty easy but the only tedious part are indeed the poker players.

Never has a game made me hate a card game so much.

User Info: Zeratultheking

3 years ago#8
CyanicKnight posted...
It's pretty easy but the only tedious part are indeed the poker players.

Never has a game made me hate a card game so much.

Even with all the magazines the NPCs pull some crap on you. Or make you spend 5+ games just wittling down their chips.

User Info: GrimmTrixX

3 years ago#9
it's so much easier to do a "Saint" run in Dead Rising 2 than Dead Rising 1. I did one back in the day when this game was a new game. I am on a 100% Dead Rising kick now. Almost done with DR 2, already finished DR1 and Case Zero, I have a few more to do in DR2:OTR but its mostly the zombie genocider type ones and co-op challenges, and just have to beat the came on co-op for case west. I absolutely love this series and never ever get sick of playing it.
XBL/PSN: GrimmTrixX
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