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Where is your favorite Maintenance Room in Fortune City? (Archived)ILuvKnives49/6/2013
Question to anyone else who unlocked the TIR Moosehead in story mode (Archived)Peteisfat19/5/2013
One curious question about failing one fight (MASSIVE SPOILERS) (Archived)ResumeDPosition29/5/2013
This game is trash (Archived)
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Psychopath Times, Locations and Strategies (SPOILERS) (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
Tape It Or Die 2 - Not getting the Call. (Archived)Kerplunk9589/2/2013
Zombie Killer Achievements? (Archived)DWB198239/2/2013
Looking for Co-Op players... (Archived)
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This game's major flaw is the difficulty. (Archived)
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Final Fight (spoilers obviously) (Archived)SL_Tops1079/2/2013
Is the replay value in this game good? (Archived)-Dark-Knight-109/2/2013
man i just want to explore... (Archived)MrDummy109/2/2013
Finally got the combo card for my bread n' butter weapon (Archived)
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The infamous "Hero of Fortune City" achievement (Archived)
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Overtime (Spoilers) (Archived)doughnutman69/1/2013
I Cannot Play This Game (Archived)
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This game is what Crazy Taxi would be like if you could get out of your car... (Archived)Yorkshire_1428/31/2013
Game is free today until the 31st!! (Archived)darkdeath0348/31/2013
TIR TK's Favorite Achievement Boosting. (Archived)Oritsu28/31/2013
about to try to series for the first time is there anything I should know? (Archived)
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