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about to try to series for the first time is there anything I should know? (Archived)
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Sledgehammer Glitch (Archived)thegrambauer28/30/2013
This game is the perfect example of Gameplay> Everything (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3, 4 ]
Wow the random people on co-op mode... (Archived)elitemegamanX48/30/2013
So i failed a case and it says i can keep playing now i have a few questions? (Archived)
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can someone help me (Archived)
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Case 1-4 help (Archived)birdman14600368/29/2013
Blender locations (Archived)AdvicePro48/29/2013
Anyone get the Red Ring of Death playing this game? (Archived)rockoperajon88/29/2013
For all newbies wanting some nice video walkthroughs... (Archived)GiftedIpad18/29/2013
Which TiR Event(s) were the most frustrating to win? (Archived)ElectricFoxLex58/29/2013
Motorcycle weapon combos (Archived)AdvicePro28/28/2013
Case West question. (Archived)The_404s38/27/2013
Is there a magazine to make combo weapons last long? (Archived)geewillickers98/27/2013
co-op...? (Archived)Xandres9038/27/2013
Most people on here have felt this before (Archived)dbzxgamer38/26/2013
Interested in getting the TiR achievements? Me too. Come in here! (Archived)
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Hey wait a minute. Something isn't right here. (Archived)krazykiwikid58/26/2013
Games With Gold! What do i need to know? (Archived)SuperVegito248748/25/2013
Stock piling items (Archived)DWB198238/25/2013
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