Dead Rising 2 PC Modding Community HERE!

#1votc200Posted 10/5/2010 6:16:06 AM

I have started a Dead Rising 2 PC Modding community almost 2 weeks ago now, I am the admin of the Resident Evil 4 & 5 PC Modding community that has over 13,000 registered members, so I was able to bring some of my buddies from there, to the new forums.

Here is the URL to the forums:

Just yesterday we got brand new tools, which allows us to Extract, and Repack all of the .BIG Files (Which is the main compression on all files in the game) So our modding possibilities is pretty much endless.

There is a custom model Exporter script in progress, once this is done, we'll be able to put brand new custom models into Dead Rising 2 PC.

So come on over, let's mod this game like crazY! :)

Just so people know, the file format in Dead Rising 2 is actually pretty darn simple. There is several .TXT format scripts, such as Boss fights, all item spawns, all weapon stats...etc, all very easy to mod.

#2ExodisPosted 10/5/2010 6:32:29 AM

Is it possible yet to have it for the co-op partner could be a female model on say there game and the one they join without making the other player female as well and leaving them as Chuck?

It's what my girlfriend and I are looking for >.<
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glad to hear this, didnt think this game would really get mods, but more power too it, i really want people to support the PC version of DR2, we need to show the devs we still exist >_>
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oh thank god, ppl interested in modding this game. this is the only thing preventing me from buying DR2, not enough ppl modding to get rid of things like time limit BS
#5ExodisPosted 10/5/2010 8:16:10 AM
In my opinion the time limit is one of the things that increase the replayability and is the only form of difficulty the game offers. It bugs me at times cause I hate running out of time but it's the only challenging aspect for me.

There are trainers out for it that can remove the timer.
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Awesome, I've been waiting for this! That Rebecca model swap looks fantastic.
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#7WeLoveCantimariPosted 10/5/2010 10:02:28 AM
There is a custom model Exporter script in progress, once this is done, we'll be able to put brand new custom models into Dead Rising 2 PC.

Oh god. Awesome.
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Glad to hear it, when I heard all the work done for DMC and RE5, was hoping for work here as well.
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God what I would do for an edit button on gamefaqs.
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i bet people are already working on rebecca chang nude model... =P
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