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7 years ago#1
I am new to Singstar. I just purchased volume 1 with the mics off of Ebay and show be receiving it within the next few days. If I purchase the UK version of this game will it play in my PS3? Also, since if it does play I am sure it will not be able to access my US PSN account so can i do a disc swap with a PS3 game? Basically if I load up my volume 1 can I then keep everything up and disc swap (like a PS2 game) and then use this game?
7 years ago#2

I was wondering if the PAL version will play on the US PS3. I didn't think the PS3 had region coding for games. As far as the disk swap goes, once you eject the disc you return to the menu as if you quit the game. In another post here, a California resident says they played the game. Don't know if they have the US PS3 though.

7 years ago#3
PS3 games are region-less I think, they should play on any PS3.
7 years ago#4

My copy arrived in the mail this morning. It works perfectly. The Queen Zone was stressing that it was PAL, so I had my worries. Pick yours up today.

7 years ago#5
Just an FYI. I received my copy of Singstar Queen in the mail today, and I was worried it wouldn't play on my US PS3 because it had a "region 2" label; however, after putting it in the PS3 it recognized and played it just fine, so yes it will work. Also you can do disc swap and your downloaded songs do show up as well. I also ordered Singstar Vol 3 now since they play fine in a US PS3.
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