Sony does some terribe marketing.

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7 years ago#1

This game comes out in August and there is not a single post on this board. I'm pretty sure people don't even know the game is coming out. Bad job by Sony.

Either way i'm getting it because i'm a huge Queen fan, plus it's only a 40 dollar price tag.


7 years ago#2
Yea im shocked no one has posted :\ maybe SingStar is just more popular in other countries, and they have had SingStar Queen for a while!

I'm getting it, not becaues im a fan of queen, but just beacuse its SingStar, i just have to collect every SingStar game that gets released :\ does that make me a bad person?
7 years ago#3
go to amazon UK and type in singstar ps3, you will see the truth of the matter. they have vol3, pop, and motown editions + wireless mics. the truth is singstar is popular in europe and an afterthought in the US market.
7 years ago#4
I'd get it but my vocal cords retreated into my stomach where they slowly dissolved when I thought about even approaching Freddy's voice.

So I'll stick with listening to them.
7 years ago#5
I just received an email from Sony stating it was out. I do agree that Singstar is not a big priority for them in NA.
7 years ago#6
There were posts on this fourm actually, but they are gone for some reason.
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