Question about profiles and stats

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gamerz2009 posted...

Haven't tried to get them with the machine gun or bombs, but, I'd say don't run out of missles. Save the misslesfor them if you can't seem to get them with the gun or bombs.

On a side note. Isn't that cool that your ID is firebombz! That irony is great!

lol, i found that bombs are great for aa guns, i didnt know that i can press down, now my favorite weapons are bomb :D

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Frys in San Marcos CA. But I got my copy via friend who has gaming connections. Anyways, I tried it: the one-pilot-profile-per-country thing is lame. Otherwise, not bad. Load times could be better. This and Ace Combat X will keep my busy till IL-2 comes out. BTW, I've played this game on the PC which has better camera options. Not a bad port though.
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Said "Frys wins" but thenadmit that you didn't get it at frys? Bet it's not even at frys yet.

I knew something smelled pretty bad. :?

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Why would I make that up and what diff does it make? THere are greater problems to worry about in this world kid. Call Frys in San Marcos CA if you're that bent about it. I was told they got 12 in stock, yesterday.
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This game is fun. I've just beat the second campaign as American. Don't know if the British campaign has same missions. My main complaint is lack of information on screen. The bill boards are useless & text is too small. They should have color code the main objective for you.

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