Ritual Sequence in The Missing Magician's Apprentice Quest?

#1carychang510Posted 11/7/2010 7:46:18 PM
Anyone know either the ritual sequence or the reverse?
#2obsidianclawPosted 11/8/2010 5:11:20 AM
Ther are at least 3 ways of completing this quest, as much as I gather.

To complete the puzzle start from the most northern stone (the big one) clockwise

A.) to reverse the sequence (reversed order) :
1.leaf 2.berry 3. blooms 4. rare herbs 5. tubber

B) to follow the sequence (haven't tried it):
do the opposite of the first method starting with tubber (death)....and it should work, at least if I understood it correctly

C) to merge the evil magicians personality with Nottles (apprentice)
1. leaf 2. tubber 3. rare herb 4. blooms 5. berry

I stumbled over the last one by mistake and did not follow the quest to the end to see what Rakorium has to say about his apprentice now having multiple personalities..feel free to explore.

leaf - Firun - life
tubber - desert of Khom - death
berry - Fountland - renewal
blooms - Maraskan - stupefaction
rare herb - Al'Anfa - rapture

#3carychang510(Topic Creator)Posted 11/8/2010 5:32:11 AM
Thanks for your reply, I figured it out last night by understanding the thing about life and death are furthest apart, but so close, meaning one is on the position of the biggest rock and the other must be directly to the left of it since the sequences are clockwise.