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Having an issue with Final boss in final chapter. (normal mode) (Archived)8436785614/23/2013
I need someone to help me understand the ending of this game.... spoiler alert! (Archived)danusty13/23/2013
random freeze with a beeping noise (Archived)merqabah11/2/2013
Weapons in Chapters (Archived)Billy277212/19/2011
Just one of those things I don't enjoy I guess. (Archived)lonlonmilklover18/17/2011
What's the best controlls for the game? (Archived)McGuirex325/22/2011
How audible are the audio logs on your wiimote? (Archived)aceofpilots15/12/2011
Just picked this up (Archived)StnkyWizleTeets64/6/2011
Rivet Gun in Chapter 2 (Archived)harashawn63/5/2011
Final Boss...spoiler (Archived)Hello_Kitty_7533/4/2011
If upgrade missed, can I go back & get it without replaying a whole chapter? (Archived)midsizelebowski12/27/2011
I have a question...spoiler (Archived)Hello_Kitty_7532/20/2011
Differences between PS3 and Wii ver. (Archived)Cosake_X72/10/2011
I have both Wii and XB360 vers. of 'Dead Space'. which one should I play first? (Archived)McGuirex362/1/2011
Bor-ing! (Archived)
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What Happens To Lexine If... (Archived)DarkFirebrand212/26/2010
Does this game have a problem with freezing/crashing? (Archived)swordfish1313512/18/2010
$10 on GameStop today.. (Archived)DemosKonrad312/18/2010
So tell me about this game's challenge/replay (Archived)NotRegret311/22/2010
Extraction ported to other consoles? (Archived)KatanK511/6/2010
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