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6 years ago#11
Still have my original PC copy... but I'd download an XBLA version in an instant.
6 years ago#12
i just want to play the first one. maybe they can release a Limited Collectors Edition with the original game included? that would be awesome. i would download it if i had.
6 years ago#13
releasing it on PSN Store afterwards would be cool too
6 years ago#14
I hope it releases on both!
6 years ago#15
i'm almost positive they at least thought of this idea. i'm usually happy with decisions made as long as they took into consideration the other possibilities haha.

if they don't put it on, there is probably a good reason for it (in their eyes, at least).

but think about it. don't you think they'd want to spark interest in new players that maybe arent even aware of the first one? what better way than to let them play the original. i personally think it will be included with the game.
Let's go Pens!
5 years ago#16
If they wanted to spark interest, then they should release the original Alice a month or two before the Madness Returns so people who have never seen it can try it out. It was a great game and I think that exposure would surely get them a lot more buyers when the sequel comes out. I think it all comes down to them deciding if it is worth the money to convert it for the consoles (i.e., remap the keyboard controls to a controller) and if they have the time. I hope they do it, so many other older games have been redone for PSN and XBLA.
5 years ago#17
And the original game size was less than 1G.
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