Oh come on, this made a magazine cover for crying out loud.

#1STEROLIZERPosted 2/1/2011 1:19:45 PM
And it gets no love.
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#2VozlovPosted 2/1/2011 1:47:22 PM

It will when we hear something about it, don't worry.

We just can't speculate because we have literally heard nothing.

I wonder if there will be multiplayer though? There we go! SPECULATION! DISCUSS! HOW WOULD IT WORK?

#3matt82173Posted 2/1/2011 6:54:32 PM
Ick, no multiplayer please. Just make the game cool, long and awesome... I wish they would include the original game as a bonus too...
#4RabidBurpPosted 2/5/2011 9:21:05 AM

If nothing is announced about this game by E3 2011, then there's something wrong.....


I hope there's some kind of Limited/Collector's Edition in the works. :D

#5matt82173Posted 2/5/2011 5:41:27 PM
This game should be in stores by E3.
#6Chr1s_H4ns3NPosted 2/5/2011 9:28:56 PM
we need hear stuff first bro
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#7LordDamien27Posted 2/15/2011 6:22:16 AM
i actually have a topic posted on NGG. I am so hyped for this game.
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#8EzekyleAbadonPosted 2/17/2011 7:22:50 AM
I liked the first, the trailers for this were beyond amazing so far. I see myself getting a limited edition if available
#9tornadoparkPosted 2/17/2011 10:18:06 PM
Limited edition, YES! I'd love to see the extra stuff they'd throw in with the game, i'm sure it'd be really weird stuff.. Wish it was out now, this game is definitely playing up my psychotic side