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A book or movie?I haven't read or seen the movies but I played this game and it is delightfully twisted. I mean Im not hoping for a book or movie where alice is running around murdering people in wonderland but when I first played this game and saw the rabbits face melt and Alice's face torn away I knew it was a good choice putting this game in. It almost reminds me of the style of the Grimm fairy tales.

I just want to be clear I understand there are the original books from the 1850's i belive by Lewis carrol (or carrol Lewis) not sure which and there is the Disney cartoon version and I just watch part one of a musical version on encore today plus Tim Burton's version. But this game is seriously way more sick and twisted than I could have ever imagined. So is the game just using the characters from alice in wonderland. And this is a plot new to this story. Or are the original books/movies this twisted. For example does alice ends up in an asylum and actually think she burned down her house and killed her family in a sequel to the books?
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It's really just a twisted version of Alice in Wonderland, it's not based on anything other than the traditional Alice in Wonderland story. Although I think the whole Lewis Carrol being a total creep thing influenced it what with Dr Bumby and the disturbing children. I read the dolls in the last level were supposed to be symbolic (You know, walking through the hole between their legs, stripping the enemy dolls and such).
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No. The first game Alice acts as sort of part three of the story, ockng up where the two novels left off but taking it in a much, much darker place. The books are very different from the games.
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its some sort of unofficial version based on the book
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It's more of a modern adaptation, McGee's Alice which takes the traditional story in a much different direction

A very similar thing to Tim burtons Alice returns to wonderland, it holds the core essentials to heart, enough to keep it Alice, though runs it in a more relatable way to modern audiences