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1000/1000 Club (Archived)
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Boring as hell... (Archived)
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did anybody start playing this on nightmare on there (Archived)
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It's nice to have a female lead that doesn't rely on sex appeal. (Archived)Jeriakimefu77/27/2011
Only way? (Archived)TikiHolmes67/27/2011
How do I use chapter select? (Archived)midnight42918037/26/2011
nostalgia bump? (Archived)beautifuldreams57/26/2011
I have a Pal Australian xbox worried about getting the UK version cause.. (Archived)JRPG97/26/2011
Caterpillar Dress bug - Chapter 3. (Archived)xRyudo47/25/2011
Is it me or is this game dark in terms how bright certain areas are? (Archived)Mean_Bob9127/25/2011
No chaper select.... Am I glitched?!?!?!?!? (Archived)vegeta4027/24/2011
Uh, is there a way to check when it last auto saved... (Archived)xRyudo47/23/2011
Quick Question about chapter select. (Archived)TheZenNinja37/23/2011
how is it??? (Archived)ADDICTED_GIRL47/22/2011
I heard getting it new get's you the first game for free? (Archived)The_Kevin_Nash27/22/2011
Easter egg? *spoiler i guess* (Archived)chuckchoder17/21/2011
My Vorpal Blade Replica arrived yesterday ^_^ (Archived)Massaca47/21/2011
Caterpillar dress? (Archived)Mythril_Hammer37/20/2011
I'm getting this game, but.... (Archived)Ugnaught37/19/2011
The MAJOR problems with underrated games are; (Archived)
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