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Consumable items needed like in Zelda? (Archived)Karlonthe2nd27/17/2011
Next time, adhere to the source material please (Archived)
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Artbook is amazing-! (Archived)Samuraidoggy87/16/2011
upgrade Blade or Grinder? (Archived)RyanJMcD27/15/2011
Thank you everyone who recommended this game (Archived)Castleman227/15/2011
almost game ending glitch. spoilers. (Archived)Priestxiii17/13/2011
The Octopus in the water level.... (Archived)tisuko27/13/2011
Is there a good guide to the memories/snouts? (Archived)
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is this one of those lame manual free games? (Archived)
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okay, what do I use bottles for? (Archived)RyanJMcD57/12/2011
What does the difficulty slider do? (Archived)Bonafide8757/12/2011
Is the Replica Vorpal Blade purchasable on any UK stores? (Archived)SpazH3d37/11/2011
Never Understood Gradual Pacing. (Archived)toccoto107/11/2011
Having Trouble With Chapter 4 Invisible Platforms? (Archived)reagan123447/11/2011
Your favourite chapter? *spoilers* (Archived)
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The Fate of Alice: Breaking Down The Storyline **MAJOR SPOILERS** (Archived)beyoonz107/10/2011
So let me get this straight (honest question)... (Archived)Patsonfire87/10/2011
39.99 Right now in Canada (Archived)Shirubain47/10/2011
This is one of best games I've ever played. (Archived)Mythril_Hammer27/9/2011
Problems with 360 install (Archived)Ragamuffin8677/9/2011
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