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How did you discover the Spectrobes series? (Archived)mychemicalbert33/27/2011
Well, thats a downer... (Archived)
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Stuck on the third ice planet...Can't find the ruins..my kids and i need help... (Archived)pootdy53/13/2011
On spectrobe origins how do you get past the door in fire ruins B3? (Archived)007man1012/10/2011
i need HELP (Archived)sonicfan3334212/24/2010
Wow this game is awesome! (Archived)Bashamo112/1/2010
Discuss all things Spectrobes Origins here! Help me keep Spectrobes alive!!! (Archived)ss14hero111/27/2010
shields for spectroibs origins (Archived)rallen234211/27/2010
This game is like Kingdom Hearts Meets Digimon/Pokemon "Review" topic (Archived)Stinkerbri177110/20/2010
I just purchased this online for $7.49 + Free shipping... good deal?? (Archived)Stinkerbri177210/19/2010
How Many Spectrobes are in this game including hidden ones? (Archived)Stinkerbri177110/18/2010
What levels should i be at? (Archived)TsunaLight310/14/2010
card in game (Archived)Hubnnick110/12/2010
circuit card (Archived)Hubnnick210/10/2010
Is anyone still here? (Archived)RPGnoob1997210/6/2010
Anyone else notice.... (Archived)Darkrose82639/12/2010
another quality wii title goes unnoticed... (Archived)oraku5238969/5/2010
ok so i beat the game but...(spoilers that are extremly obvious) (Archived)phildool18/29/2010
Best attakers? (Archived)pokepearl829218/22/2010
ok.... so I have to ask this (Archived)SegaAhearn28/20/2010
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