System Link - does it work?!

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6 years ago#1
Trying to get System Link working, here in the store, and it just won't see the other player.."create game" creates a session..and for the other player, "join quick game", or "search with parameters" doesnt seem to work either, both players seem to create a session..even starting a game, then trying to join it fails..

anyone got any ideas, thanks?

Slartibartfarst...Builder of the Planet Earth®™.mkII.
6 years ago#2
Just wondering if you got it to work as this will be my main method of playing.
6 years ago#3
we played it with quick play..

and for not seeing the other one.. look at your IP Config.. that's what we had to change because at first it didn't worked for us either ^^
6 years ago#4

Is split screen system link possbile? 4 players on 2 xbox's or ps3's?

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