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7 years ago#1
I only have 3 events left. They're all locked. It says I need 41 gold stars to unlock the first one. I only have 40 gold stars. BUT, I did every other event and got gold in it. I double checked this a couple times just to make sure I didn't overlook any event.

Is there another way to get a gold star? Is there something I'm overlooking, did the programmers screw up, or did I encounter some weird glitch that not everyone would encounter?
7 years ago#2
to get some gold stars you need to either beat a certian time limit or stay in first for at least 10 seconds at one time, and finish in the top 3. The event will say what one of those it is and what the time limit is(if any).
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7 years ago#3
Are you saying that you can somehow get gold stars in Wreckreation mode that way?
7 years ago#4
Ahh--just figured it out. Your comments helped me search for the right thing, so thanks for that.

Just in case anyone else was having the same problem:

In Festival mode, three of the races that you've finished already--even if you got first place and got a gold star in them, you can do AGAIN to get another gold star. When you're scrolling through the races you've done, look for a red "banned" below the "box" on the right hand side of the screen. Two have times you need to beat to get the additional gold star, and one tells you that you need to be in first place for 10 seconds to get the additional gold star. If you get all three--I just did that now, it will unlock those remaining three events.
7 years ago#5
LOL--"banned" above should read "banner"
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