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Any fans of this game still around? (Archived)PikanRikan26/3/2013
Wow, no one's talking about the Model2 Collection re-release? (Archived)AmethystViper211/27/2012
Did they ever update this game? (Archived)SANSHORYU111/2/2012
Apharmd S standing missiles. (Archived)DaGr1nCh38/19/2012
Virtual-On currently 50% off 5/1 - 5/7 (Archived)
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MentholMoose's YouTube videos (Archived)MentholMoose82/16/2012
Looking for online rank players for achievements (Archived)Bluedawn00511/8/2012
[YOUTUBE] VO:OT Online matches Collection (Updated 09/22/11) (Archived)xneoken210/11/2011
Does anyone still play online (Archived)DarkHellPrince89/22/2011
You guys should play some Dynasty Warriors Gundam 3. (Archived)jennafaith117/1/2011
[YOUTUBE] VO:OT Online matches Collection (Archived)xneoken86/21/2011
acheivement help (Archived)VaultBoy201035/14/2011
VOOT XBLA 2-year anniversary gathering (Archived)MentholMoose45/6/2011
4/20 Virtual On 50% off (600ms) (Archived)xneoken35/4/2011
multiplayer (Archived)zazzoo36034/23/2011
Are there any differences from the Dreamcast version? (Archived)atomofish23/4/2011
15 dollars seems like alot (Archived)shaun_ofda_dead11/15/2011
Did you know that Sega let you adjust the girls' bust sizes in Virtual-On Force? (Archived)Axel_Flamer11/15/2011
Any idea about Force for Western release? (Archived)Kamikaze_Kenny51/11/2011
Soo.. This does not look good. Even for Arcade standards. (Archived)iRackasher211/1/2010
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