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#1DIstance77Posted 1/26/2010 7:59:19 PM
I just got this game and I gotta say I like it. First of all, this is one of the only games that make use of Dual Wielding Wiimotes. It's really satisfying to throw a jab, then a cross then uppers. And this is a really good way to workout. It's very good at motivating you to finish your exercise.

This game gives you excellent satisfaction. Why? Because boxing is fun and motivating. It's just really fun to throw punches combinations and try to time it right. This game makes me hope that one day they'll be a true boxing game that uses Dual Wielding WM+ Wiimotes, and allows you to move your character around the ring with the d-pad on one of the wii-motes. (and maybe a trigger button like the A button to lean when you hold it down or something)

Anyway, I'm glad I finally bought it because I love boxing and it's just fun to throw punches in combination and have them register on the screen. This reality makes this game a keeper because you can keep playing it and it never gets boring. It's a great way to get your arms stronger. And the great thing is it's not that risky to get injured. The motions in this game are good for your body. I am still getting the hang of the leaning and duck, but it seems like the best way to do those is to actually duck and make a quick motion down with the wii motes parallel to the screen like you are blocking. (wii motes are perpendicular to the screen when doing jabs for example)

Anyway, the pace of this game is good. The idea and practice of throwing punches with dual wielding wiimotes is excellent. It actually feels good to throw a one two combination followed by a hook.

It actually gives you the sensation that you are punching a speed bag or something and you follow through.

This is an excellent training game and boxing fans should get a lot out of this. I can't state enough how important it is to have a game that is fun, motivational, and satisfying, all while building up a sweat and getting your heart pumping.

I have a feeling that this game will get me into great shape. (laugh if you want, but I think it will) I think this game is a great complement to grand slam tennis. As that game just works the swinging motion of one arm, with slicing. Where as this game with dual wielding wiimotes works both arms and is more of a full body workout with the ducking included and is more fast paced in terms of the motions you make.

I'd like to know what people get out of this game. Have people that have played this game a lot noticed any increase in their arm strength or their overall health? I'm going to try to put time into this game every day. I have dual wielding WM+ wiimotes. I don't have a balance board as I heard there is plenty to the game even without the balance board.

I highly recommend this game for anyone who likes boxing and enjoys the rhythm of throwing punches in combination. I am glad I found this game and I hope a Gold's Gym comes out. It'd be great to have sparring with these controls. I also hope more companies make use of dual wielding WM+ wiimotes. I think a boxing game with dual wielding WM+ wiimotes could be amazing. This game makes me think about the endless possibilities of what the wii can do.