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#371BIG_AIR_EarthPosted 5/22/2011 7:38:57 AM


I was racing as "TheTwo?"

I had planned to surprise JOOM with the name.... but he kept having internet connection issues. Anyway, I too have been having serious connection issues.

Oh, about the "no matter how well I do, I know I'm gonna come in 4th"..... That is EXACTLY how I felt about racing TopStar and a few other vets. Even IF I were to run my best race, no wrecks, no missed combo jumps, etc.... I KNEW it wasn't going to be enough to take first. What I found out is that we ALL "Basically" run the same kind of race. I mean, from the outsider's perspective (looking at us both from the lobby while waiting to race) you can't tell who is going to take the prize. The real difference in total stars is usually just a few areas of a course where we "squeeze" out those extra stars. Getting a little closer to those darn trees, intentionally slamming with others for some bot-bash points, slowing down just a touch to make SURE you get all your combo jumps in.... these are only a few of the ways to push the limits on maximizing your stars. Here's a great example. On CNebula, I used to get about a 400 base score. I now get closer to a 500 base. I haven't changed my racing line at all. I simply have "squeezed" out every known way to get extra stars. I intentionally get close to every tree (crystal), I drift everywhere, and I hold that drift until the last possible millisecond before lining up for the next jump. When I jump, I TRY to land as close as possible to trees, or land in the exact spot to where I can hold my drift for the longest duration. Here's a tip that TopStar told me about that has helped out a lot. On the Long Tree runs... if you accidentally hit one of the first trees.... just hit the brakes and wait for the "walker legs" to expire. Then proceed through the TR. You obviously will be a bit behind, BUT you get the remaining points in that TR. This is particularly helpful on the last TR on Gold Fiji, the last long TR on Plat Canada, and most of the TR's on Gold Mex.

Here's an exercise for you to try. Choose Gold Mexico and see how many stars you can get by ONLY getting Tree-runs points. Go off the main path and see what you can get. You'll be surprised. On my first attempt (OFFLINE) I got about a 300 base. That's with no drifting, no jumping, no spinning, no combo jumps.

Hope this helps brother.

#372JoomXPosted 5/22/2011 8:36:45 AM
The internet problem is supposed to be fixed as of this morning, so I should be in later tonight. Sorry I missed out on "The Two". :)

I've run the new profile a couple times during the day when the net was up, but no betting until I know it's more stable. Couple days of testing and I'll get back to it.

Like Big said, Doc, it's just a question of getting used to running close to every tree, drift always (and hold the drift, as soon as you try to straighten out for a split second you lose it), and boost and spin everywhere. I can't seem to boost off anything but a good sized knoll or larger, so I lose a ton of air and spin points on every race.

I think it's been asked before, but who is LAN? Ran them earlier with "The One" without betting. First race was one-on-one Sil Kili, they bet 25k and came in first, I won by about 40 and they lost their money. Next race a fast rookie came in and both chose CN, both bet 25k, lost money again. Both chose CN again and bet 25k, kept the money but LAN lost with a 480. Looked like he/she might have been getting upset, so I bounced and went back to work. Apparently thought the low wins and money in pocket meant easy pickings, don't know, and I could just be wrong about them getting upset...
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Hey everybody Tiaguz black face icon not a threat yet but does go through red bars just to let all 0 loss profilers know be aware

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Already ran into him and posted at the other place, Rat. Thanks...
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Thanks for the encouraging words of wisdom Big and Joom. This will help out a lot. Now it's just a matter of applying this advice on a consistent basis. But I'll still mostly race just for fun. I really enjoy playing this game online, win or lose.
#376fakeDOCPosted 5/24/2011 1:39:13 PM
Great races earlier S3XYsof and RATROD. I had to take a break and recharge the batteries with some supercharged caffeine.
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Thanks for some good races earlier Dynamo, No Good, and RATROD. I don't know whether I'm rusty or not. I took some races, but I got beat on others. Maybe you guys are finding new things out, but either way, those were some fun runs. See ya tomorrow.
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Flash, good to see you out again, hope to see you soon.

#3797FLASH7Posted 5/30/2011 2:01:53 PM
Does anybody want to play poker?
#3807FLASH7Posted 5/30/2011 6:41:42 PM
I'm going to be off for a few days starting Thursday. I have business( :D ) to tend to out of town.