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7 years ago#1

I downloaded this game yesterday and started the tournement. I was able to play my first game, but in the second round my game froze as I was trying to make a substitution. I tried again and again... same thing. I've now tried playing 6 times but have only got through one game without it freezing on me when I sub players out.

Maybe I can try playing without subs, but that's stupid - subbing players is part of the game. I'd prefer to get my 1200 points refunded as the game appears to be broken. Does anyone know who I can call - how I can do that? From what I've read on other forums, I don't think I'm the only one suffering from this problem.

One thing I will try is to delete the game and download it again - I'll post again after I've done that and let you know if it fixed the problem.

7 years ago#2
I've had the same problems with the game freezing. I had actually rented the regular game months ago and had this problem, but I figured they would have fixed it for this edition. Apparently not. EA should apologize and refund.
7 years ago#3

So I got in touch with EA and they directed me to delete everything from my 360 and re-download it - just what I was thinking to do anyway. I did that and have played one game since with no problems. I'll try a few more games and see how it goes.

If you bought the full version and have it on disc, they said you should delete all the files from your 360 as well and that might fix it... just FYI.

7 years ago#4
I've had a similar problem, but it would happen at either halftime or in the middle of a substitution. If that fixed it, I'll try it as well.
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7 years ago#5
What a terrible solution for people who have a ton of crap downloaded onto their xbox, maybe EA should just actually make a game that works.
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7 years ago#6
Agreed re: bad solution- I'm not interested in deleting and re-downoading hundreds of files, including big ones like GTA IV: TLaD. Just silly, bad QA.

I was having the same problem every time I substituted players, so I tried turning fatigue effect, which eliminated lockups, but apparently that also eliminates achievements? I won my first game of the tournament, playing as Oklahoma, on a buzzer-beater, 20-minute halves, All-Conference difficulty level, didn't get either achievement.

Bad, bad, bad. Get a patch up and all is forgiven, EA, but as of right now, not so thrilled.
7 years ago#7
Unless they mean just the NCAA 09 files, then i guess it's an okay solution.
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7 years ago#8
Me too, The crappy game keeps freezing every time I try to make a substitution. It may be just me but It only seems during 1 player with 20 minute halves. The only time it didn't freeze is when me and a buddy played on 5 minute quarters against each other. I am not sure if we subbed or not bcause of it only being 10 minute halves. I do know that we completed the game because I got the Buzzer Beater cheevo. Has anyone found a solution?? I really don't want to sit on the phone with EA or Microsoft for god knows how long. ANY HELP WOULD BE APPRECIATED!
7 years ago#9

I made a mistake and stated 5 minutes and then 10 minutes. Please let me correct myself. When a friend and I played the halves were definately set to 10 minutes. Thanks to anyone who can suggest or help fix my problem.

Did deleting and redownloading work???

7 years ago#10
Mine isn't freezing but I can't seem to win the Final Four semi-final game. At some point in the game I score and then the players on the other team just stand there and don't go back to inbound the ball.

It is like the CPU really doesn't want me winning the game.

I have tried switching sides to inbound the ball but that doesn't even work, I can't gain control of any of them.

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