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7 years ago#1
well, when this game released to the xbox 360 console, i beated it and unlocked everything ( including mercs MOd extras), now there is this pc version, and I want to play the no mercy mode on it, but don't wont to have to beat the entire game again, even with trainers ( wich is not fun at all) it woud be boring doing everything again, well so, anyone allready have the game save file with everything unloacked to upload here on the board, 'cause i can't find anything like that anywhere...
Thanks anyway everyone ^^
7 years ago#2
..You don't want to do that man.

Just my half a cent
7 years ago#3
You "beated it."

7 years ago#4
I tried no mercy - its eh alrite, i wouldnt buy the game just for that. x3 the enemies just makes you want to headshot everything and not melee imo
PSN = Cypheridas69
RE5 Mercenary PA - 641k, DUO
7 years ago#5
Amazing, no body can share his save data ????
7 years ago#6
Try this
7 years ago#7
It works GREAT !! Thank You so much !!! you must just change the profil when the game run with XBOXLIVE menu.
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