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6 years ago#1
_ Chris Warrior to Jack Krauser
_ Chris BSAA to Chris STARS reborn
_ Chris Safari to Tom Welling from smallville
_ Chris BSAA to Nanosuit
_ Chris STARS to Chris Code Veronica Outfit
_ Chris STARS to Barry Button
Voice Patch Data
_ Chris Safari to Chris + jacket ( from the beginning )
_ Chris STARS to Wesker STARS
_ Chris BSAA to Chris Desert Warface
- unpack the mod
- look at the mod-folders: "nativePC\pawn\*modded pl04- and pl11-folders are in here*
- place the modded pl04- and pl11-folders in: "RE5-maindir\nativePC\pawn\pl\*modded pl04- and pl11-folders must be placed here*
- now go to the mod-folders again: "nativePC\Image\Archive\*hex-edited .arc is in here*
- place hex-edited .arc in: "RE5-maindir\nativePC\Image\Archive\*hex-edited .arc must be placed in here*
- done
_ Chris Safari to Josh Stone
_ Chris Flashback ( seen in the 3-1 flashback cutscene, and in the LIN DLC ) ( replace the Chris BSAA ) ( replace the Chris Safari ) ( replace the Chris STARS )
_ Chris BSAA To Kirk
_ Chris Safari to Wesker Midnight
_ Chris Warrior to Wesker STARS
_ Chris BSAA to Ricardo Irving
_ Sheva Tribal to Goth Spy (Naughty Top)
_ Sheva BSAA to Wesker Shirtless
_ Sheva melee vest to Wesker STARS
6 years ago#2

There's no link for Nanosuit, only pictures. Considering that's the only one that I really want I'd like you to add it please!


A lot of these are really cool, thanks for sharing them. Personally I"m not big on modding games (I'd rather not do it at all in general), but that Nanosuit Chris is really BA.

6 years ago#3

Nevermind, I found the download, but I can't seem to get it to work?

I copied the new ARC file into the Image/Archive/ folder, and put the pl folder into a new "pawn" folder I made in my RE5 directory (it did't have one already); yet no change in Chris.

6 years ago#4
Wrong upload for the nanosuit link, sorry, here's the correct link

About how to use the mods, u need to backup the recommanded file in the ......./Resident Evil 5/nativePC/Image/Archive ( ... that mean i don't know where you install the game in )

I know there s a lot of .ARC file but you need to backup it before installing the mod if you want to save
the original character or you must repair the game by the setup.exe in disk 1

Download the .ZIP or .RAR file to your pc, right click ---> extract it, copy the nativePC folder, go to ...../Resident Evil 5, paste it in there, yes to all, then play the game, enjoy new mod. If you get bored when play that mod and want the origin character back, restore backup.

You can't play in mods maybe because you didn't take the melee vest and bullet proof vest out of chris inventory, Chris BSAA means CHRIS DOESN'T WEAR MELEE VEST OR BULLET PROOF VEST, if you wear them, the mod won't work.
6 years ago#5
I hope you got permission from the original modders of those files, to upload them to Mega Upload, otherwise you're risking getting sued....

Not that I would report you, especially after what just happened to AKA (They just deleted all the semi sexy mods from there website like Bikini Ada which a real shame) but you be surprised how many mod creators 'google' there work's name to see how there fan bases are doing or there 'google' rank.

So it's just best to ask them, before you put up there work somewhere as they'll usually say yes, or if you can't ask the original mod creator, at least give them full credit for there hard work.

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6 years ago#6
Is the Barry Burton mod the model and skin ripped from RE5 Gold edition? And what is the voice patch?
''Peace through Fighting'' .... Is this the only way to stop wars?
6 years ago#7
The link for downloading the mods are from the original modders, i didn't upload a file of them, they created and upload it to megaupload or mediafire, I just copy that link, share them for everyone and of course permission is accepted to post the links of them in here ( I can't upload their mods without asking them because it violate the rules of gamefaqs ).

I know that they work hard to create a mod so I'm not a bad person who steal the deserts of that modders, i just hope everyone can enjoy the mods they wanted.

About the sex mod like BlueRamza said, has it all but i don't share it here becasue it's really a shame for characters, thats'why you should go to to see more info about it.

In short, this posts have permission and i have thanked them in forum
6 years ago#8
This is the skin of Barry Burton

The voice patch is the voice like: come on, go,.... that the mod creator created it for that skin and put it in the game. Because Barry Burton didn't appear in RE5 so he didn't have the voice animation, that's why the mod creator created a voice for him. This skin looks like Chris but his voice isn't Chris, his voice is Barry Burton.
6 years ago#9
I have. Almost all there older mods have all been deleted.
Genma urged,"Come along, Master. We'll find you a nice bordello to raid in the red light district."
Happosai TRAITOR, YOU-did you say Bordello?
6 years ago#10

the jacket mod is great, i was looking it for a while

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