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is this game worth getting? (Archived)SirWaWa19/29/2014
Anybody still play this? (Archived)Lego89338/31/2014
Kim Kapwan player since Fatal Fury 2 (Archived)DangDilly210/29/2012
I know this game is kinda dead but Looking for people to play with (Archived)vhunter1416/23/2012
play with me !! (Archived)Cort0014/19/2012
Lost treasures = Lost powers plot hole (Archived)Ki5hiDo11/5/2012
Missing lots of movies in the gallery mode (about 11) (Archived)Wapsboy312/20/2011
Online Boosting Thread (Archived)Ikeban110/24/2011
Online trophy (Archived)chuck_crimson18/23/2011
Is this a bad fighter, or bad because it doesnt have alot of extra modes? (Archived)dane_198528/7/2011
The online community. (Archived)Chaoticity27/2/2011
I main Sakura in SSFIV. Who should I start with in KoF? (Archived)FIavour36/26/2011
Calling all KOF fans! PSN KOF XII community revival! (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3, 4 ]
I saw a copy selling for $20. Worth it? (Archived)yunalenne1066/8/2011
Tired of MvC3, tired of SSFIV, just rebought XII (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
Proper button arrangement for a KoF game on arcade stick? (Archived)phaze_basic35/28/2011
make another 3D kof, please SNK (Archived)Farhan_Malik25/28/2011
C/D who is hotter? mai or psylocke? (Archived)EmiliaTheSage65/28/2011
Kof XII and Kof XI: same combos? (Archived)Fabrizio_3K35/13/2011
Anybody need to boost trophies? (Archived)DukeCadillac74/26/2011
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