Best Superstar HB stats?

#1dhall282Posted 9/12/2009 9:59:55 AM
I did one superstar HB and when i distributed his stats it was almost impossible to get a balanced player with a rating above 65. I made his speed and acceleration a bit higher along with carrying but had absolutely no points left for stamina. His rating came out to be 68. I simmed 3 years and he still can't break a single tackle. I don't know it just seems like maybe I distributed the stats wrong and now he'll never grow to be good.

Any input or suggestions would be great. thanks
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Balanced players are hard to make for any position really, another EPIC FAIL for E.A. i this department. You'd think that when the franchise mode gets worse they would improve the other modes... Also dont put anything in the AWR rating, no point when u control.
#3AMP11Posted 9/12/2009 10:31:02 AM
I put all my points into speed, acceleration, and agility making them each something around 95 and he started out as a 71. Had a really crappy season in the beginning, but got hte hang of it at the end and ended up with 1500 yards (4th best in the NFL) and 19 tds (best in the NFL). In the offseason he jumped to a 77.
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alright i'll keep that in mind. Thanks a lot
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nobody plays that garbage
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