Just Win AGAIN, Baby: An Oakland Raiders Franchise

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Free Agent Acquisitions

1) Kid Franklin Jr. (CB): $3.36M / $0k / 4 Years
A young kid with huge potential with a lot of nice, raw talent. He just needs a team to help him fine tune it; that's where we come in. We need added depth in our secondary and this kid is going to compete with Malik Nobles for the back up returner position?

2) DeMetrus Reeder (HB): $5.68M / $1.68M / 4 Years
Added depth to the HB position. DeMetrus Reeder is everything you want in a HB, but needs some coaching and mentorship. With Darren McFadden taking him under his wing like he's done with all the other HB, there will be a bright future for Reeder. Adding to the offensive puzzle.

3) Jarvaris McFadden (DT): $6.10M / $1.35M / 5 Years
Jarvaris McFadden was drafted in the 7th round and is looking to find a team that could put him on the field. In his 3 years he has had limited playing time, but finds himself in a fortunate situation with the Raiders. It's hard to say no to a 335 lb DT with this type of ability. Hopefully he can come in where Chris Baker left off.

4) Zane Burke (DT): $4.05M / $0k / 5 Years
Similar to McFadden, Zane Burke has yet to find much playing time. However being a 3rd round pick (95th overall), this is very disappointing. He's never cracked the starting lineup and he's given probably his last chance as a Raider. Lets see if he can seize the opportunity.

5) Corey West (TE): $9.30M / $3.70M / 5 Years
Another piece added to the offensive side. With Chase Coffman leaving for FA, we needed to solidify the TE position behind sturdy Zach Miller. Corey West has a lot of upside and is a good blocker: Something we need and want on short situations. Just like DeMetrus Reeder, this addition brings great depth an a lot of potential for the future.

6) Sabby Piscitelli (SS): $2.78M / $1.10M / 2 Years
In a year we're supposedly getting younger, I go ahead and sign a 31 year old veteran. Why? It's a cheap 2 year deal and a band-aid for a position we desperately need depth in. The draft class is pretty thin on Safeties this year and we don't want to add any more money to this position than we have already (Landry and Branch). This veteran is originally a 2nd round draft pick for the Bucs and has been a journeyman throughout the league. He is a nice addition to the Special Teams coverage. If things pan out with Sabby (and even Derrick Burgess), maybe Marc Davis will change his mind of veteran players? Maybe at least on the defensive side of the ball.

7) Gary Profit (QB): $1.07M / $270k / 1 Year
Tom Brandstater is going into the camp as the backup QB. He needs some competition and this former 6th round pick would be great depth. He's raw, but competition always brings the best out of players.

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if you can trade anyone for a high pick, DT Devin Gilbert can play 3-4 end.
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what game mode is this?
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Roseon, I really want Riko Kemp. that is the reason why I traded Seymour and moved up in the draft. In fact, I think I might just get the 1st or 2nd pick to secure Riko. I've never used anyone in this draft class, but all I have heard is that Riko Kemp is a monster. If I get Kemp, there is no way I can get Gilbert. I don't have enough trading power and I also don't want to put that much money into the defensive line. Thanks for the idea though.

I'm trying to shift all my money into offense now. I am looking to make a #1 offense in Oakland. My goal is to have that within 3 years.

Bigmac, this is an all-madden franchise =)
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Oh ok sounds like a good idea, good luck with getting the best passing offense. This is probably one of the better franchise stories, but I'm also a raiders fan haha so its probably cause I like to see them win.
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Is it a online franchise or what... i cant find all madden franchise on regular madden
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or is this all something you make up and im just a tard..
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From: Bigmac69XL | #307
or is this all something you make up and im just a tard..

yeah...you're a tard...but way to acknowledge it at least , taking it like a man
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So its online?
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Big mac its an offline franchise, u just put the diffuculty at all madden when u play, damn a simple question tat can b answered so easily