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6 years ago#1
Okay, since I don't think this really deserves an actual FAQ to be uploaded, I decided to just post this topic in hopes that it gets stickied. Note that ALL of this information is available all over the web, some of it right here on GameFAQs, but this is primarily a project to put it all in one single place that can be referred to and pointed to in the future.


[Note that if you are playing in local Versus, you must perform the achievements with player one]

=ALL MODES (Inc. Training)=
Carpal Tunnel (20) - Have >25 hours of total play time.
Activate Termination Protocol (30) - Completed a 60+ hit combo using Nu.
It's over 10,000! (30) - Dealt over 10,000 damage using Hakumen, without the use of an Astral Heat.

You're the Best! Around! (20) - Deal 1,000,000 damage or more in Training.

Dante (30) - Beat Arcade mode on the highest difficulty.

Leonidas (40) - Beat Score Attack.
Welcome to the Azure Nightmare - Defeated Unlimited Ragna in Score Attack.

I Am the Just Sword (20) - Defeat Hakumen in Arcade or Score Attack.
Murakumo Activated... (20) - Defeat v-13 in Arcade or Score Attack.
Victory Is an Illusion (30) - Defeated "Unlimited" Rachel in Arcade or Score attack.

Duh Dun DUNNN! (30) - Saw the True Ending.
Hello World ! (10) - Clear one character's story mode.

Hands Where I Can See Them (30) - Enter Gallery after completing a few characters' Arcade and Story modes.

Animation Conservation (20) - Used Rapid Cancel over 100 times.
Bangarang! (20) - Fought Bang with Bang with both Bangs activating FRKZ.
Beautiful Arakune (20) - Perfect Match with Arakune.
Cat-a-pult (10) - Throw a kitten with Tao's 214B
Designated Driver (30) - Distortion Drive >100 times.
Devil's Advocate (20) - Gauntlet Hades >100 times.
Discouraging Finish! (30) - Astral with each character.
Greased Pig (10) - Escape 50 throws.
Hat-Trick (10) - Perform and hit with all of Litchi's Distortions in one round.
I Can Rebuild Her... (10) - Break Nirvana three times in one round.
In Living Color (10) - Use all the non-DLC colors of a single character.
Irresistible (10) - Hit with Spark Bolt >6 times in one round.
It's Go Time (10) - Hit with an Astral Heat.
It's over 10,000! (30) - Do >10,000 damage with Hakumen without his Astral.
It's the Only Way to Be Sure (10) - Hit your opponent 20+ times after round end.
Nothing's Gonna Keep You Down (30) - Get 30 Perfect rounds.
Restraining Order (20) - Barrier Burst >30 times.
Ride the Icening (10) - ICE CARZ >20 times in a round and then win.
Spoonful of Sugar (20) - Stay in the air with Rachel for 25+ seconds.
Stop Hitting Yourself (20) - Counter Assault 30+ times.
Their Numbers Count for Nothing (20) - Instant Block >300 times.
This Is Important... (20) - 236A/B/C with Noel vs. Litchi >100 times.
This Just Got Real (20) - Get a Double Down.
Words Hurt Too (30) - Get taunted while being 5,000 HP down from your opponent.
You Never Forget Your First (10) - Guard Crush your opponent.

I Like to Watch (10) - Collect 5+ replays, then go into Replay Theater.
I'm Faster Than Anybody (20) - Get five First Strikes in a row.
Legionnaire (20) - Reach level 10.
Praetorian Guardsman (30) - Reach level 30.
Ruler of Kagutsuchi (10) - Fight all 12 characters at least once.

Voyeur (10) - Watch 20 matches as a spectator.
Wanderer (10) - Play a full Player match.
Warrior (30) - Play 150+ Player matches.

6 years ago#2
100 Trials (20) - Play 100 Ranked matches.
200 Trials (40) - Play 200 Ranked matches.
Be Gentle... It's My First Time. (10) - Play your first Ranked match.
That Was Incredible! (10) - Win your first Ranked match.
You Brute! (20) - Win two ranked matches in a row.

I'll be going through it in the order that you should probably attempt it on. This guide assumes you are fresh into BlazBlue, and have absolutely no experience with the game, so the initial goal is to get you as much 'normal' play time as possible to get used to the generic mechanics of the game. This also means you'll be doing Score Attack and the online-only achievements last. If you are already experienced in BB, you can skip around the guide at your leisure. Note that this is going to be VERY verbose. Again, I'm assuming you're entirely new to BB - maybe you're just achievement whoring during the rental. Either way, this is meant for complete BB newbies, so keep that in mind before you comment, dumdums.

It may be worth skipping to the Versus mode section for the character specific achievements so you can do some of them during Arcade and Story mode to lessen the amount you have to do later.

Before I go on, it's important that you know basic combo notation so you will understand certain things. Note that virtually everyone will be using the same notation, so if you are unfamiliar with it, this will be a big help in the future.

For movement, I will be referring to the numpad for directions:

789 - Jump Backward, Straight, Forward
456 - Back, Neutral (do nothing), Forward
123 - Backward crouch (block crouch), Neutral Crouch, Forward crouch

For attacks, the notation is as follows:

A = Weak Attack (Default Button: X)
B = Medium Attack (Default Button: Y)
C = Strong Attack (Default Button: B)
D = Drive (Default Button: A)

All notation always assumes you are on the Player 1 (left) side. If I tell you to do 214B, that means I want you to do a quarter-circle backward and hit the medium attack button. For those that are familiar with Street Fighter, 236 is the Hadoken/QCF movement.

Note that if I want you to jump, I will use j.A instead of 8 or 9A, as that is the common notation. So, if I want you to jump, then hold down and hit medium attack, I'll tell you to do j.2C. I'll also use dj for 'double jump.' I'll also use the j. and dj. notation for doing attacks while still in the air. Example below:

One of Nu's standard counter combos is 4B->j.C->j.2C->dj.C->j.2C->j.214D. Translated, this means:

Hold back, hit medium attack while close to your opponent. This will launch them.
Jump to follow, hit C.
While still in mid air hold down and hit C again before you hit the ground.
When the second attack ends, jump in mid air for the double jump and hit C again.
While still in the air, hold down and hit C again as before.
While still in the air, do a quarter circle backward and hit D.

The timing is reasonably easy, but if you are fresh to BlazBlue, it might take you a couple of tries. You'll know you did it right if the red combo meter does not fade to a darker red. If it does fade, it means the combo was escapable. Keep practicing this combo, by the way - you will need it for one of the achievements. That, and it's a pretty good basic combo to learn for Nu.

Another term to know is 'BnB' - Bread and Butter. It refers to a character's combo, or set of combos that generally have the best damage-to-difficulty ratio and are the easiest to connect with.

RC in a combo means 'Rapid Cancel', which is A+B+C in the middle of an attack to immediately recover from it. This is critically important in virtually every character's most damaging combos. RC requires 50% heat.

GT: Trilkin // PSN: PrayToCthulhu
It hurts, Ragna! =x
6 years ago#3
The first thing you should do is clear the Arcade paths of every character.

The easiest way to do this is by changing the Arcade mode options to one round, thirty seconds, Beginner difficulty. This will make it fast and effortless for virtually anyone.

There are ten fights for each character to go through.

When you get to Taokaka, do 214B repeatedly during the first match until you throw a kitten. It might take a few tosses. We're doing this now because it's extremely easy to do and we can do it in the process of Arcade mode absolutely effortlessly.

In doing so, you will gain the following achievements:

I Am the Just Sword (20)
Murakumo Activated... (20)
Victory Is an Illusion (30) [Nu's arcade mode is the only one you can get this on.]
Cat-a-pult (10) [Assuming you followed the instructions when you got to Taokaka]

You will also have the Unlimited forms (applicable only to Nu, Ragna, Rachel and Hakumen) as well as everyone's Astral Heat unlocked.

After finishing this, it's time to get the True Ending. Note that all Story mode fights are by default one round except the very last one in the True End section against Unlimited Ragna. The Arcade mode difficulty also seems to effect Story mode, so keep it at Beginner if you aren't feeling confident or just want to get through this quickly.

In order to get the true ending, you must get a Clear for each character. Note - you do NOT have to 100% each character to get a Clear for them.

The easiest way to Clear any given character is simply not losing a fight and defaulting to the first choice if you are presented to one. You might not get a happy ending, but it's an ending and that's all that matters for Clear.

To unlock Hakumen and Nu's story modes, you must Clear every other character first. To reach the True Ending, you must clear Hakumen and Nu's story modes. The True Ending section is very straight forward. There are no forks and no special conditions to worry about. You will be forced to play as Ragna for the majority of the battles except for one, where you will be playing Noel.

By the way, I absolutely suggest that you 100% all of the characters at some point. The story of BlazBlue is extremely interesting. You also unlock all of the special interviews with the voice actors as well as more art in the gallery. If you're interested, I highly recommend following siky's guide at: It's not necessary to do this for achievements, though.

When you are done with the True Ending, go back to the main menu and select Gallery for another achievement unlock. You will unlock these achievements in total:

Hands Where I Can See Them (30)
Hello World ! (10)
Duh Dun DUNNN! (30)

You're done with that grind. Now for the next step!

6 years ago#4
Enter training mode with Nu first, with Tager as your opponent. Press start to enter the options menu and change the following:

Hit RB to access the next page.
Change Hit Points to Regenerate
Change Heat Gauge Settings to 100
Hit RB Three Times
Change Aerial Roll to Neutral
Change Emergency Roll to Enabled
Change Wake-up to Neutral
Hit RB Twice
Change Infinity to Infinite

Exit the options with the start button. Note that these options will endure even after you exit Training Mode, so if you want to reset the options to default after we're finished, you will have to do so by entering the options in training mode again and selecting Restore Defaults. For now, though, this will be fine.

With Nu as your presumably selected character and Tager as your opponent, move Tager into the corner and stand about a body-length and a half away from him, then do the following:

236236D (her super that throws a bazillion blades - called Legacy Edge), 236236D (again), dash in during the super, j.C, j.2C, dj.C, j.2C.

If you did it right, this will net you well over 60 hits and this achievement:

Activate Termination Protocol (30)

Go back to the training options. On the first page, go back to character select.

Now, select Hakumen as your character and Tager again as your opponent. Again, move Tager to the corner, but keep Hakumen right next to him. Do the following:

632146C - HOLD C when you do this, and let Hakumen release it on his own to get the maximum damage out of it. -> 41236C -> 214Bx4

If you did it right, you will have done over 10,000 damage and gotten this achievement:

It's over 10,000! (30)

Now, just keep wailing on Tager. Fiddle with Hakumen's airdashes. If you really don't like Hakumen, you can exit out and pick someone else to play with, but the fact remains that you have to keep wailing on the training dummy for around 1,000,000 damage in total (including the damage you did with Hakumen and Nu, so don't worry about having to do it in one sitting.) Eventually you will get this achievement:

You're the Best! Around! (20)

That's it for Training Mode. You can reset the settings if you'd like. The next set will require a second controller (and a friend/family member/roommate/slave to help you with a few of them.) If you don't have a second controller, you can do these with a friend online as well. If you don't have anyone you know that can help you, you can probably find someone on the forums that'd be willing to help boost the achievements for you. None of them will take very long individually, but it can get tedious.

Go to the main menu and go into the Game Options. Set Versus Mode rounds to one and time limit to infinite. Note that if you're doing this online, be sure to set the same things in the room settings - rounds to one, time limit to infinite (or 99, I don't know if there's an infinite option and I don't feel like checking!) Make sure to set Easy Specials on as well to make this easier. You will also need Unlimited Chars enabled as well. I will be going through this assuming that you are doing it in local Versus mode, but this all applies to Player Matches as well.

Note that I will say 'make sure x character is player one.' This only applies in local Versus, as the achievements will only be unlocked by player one's actions, not player two's. If you are online, you are always player one as far as this guide is concerned, so don't worry about it there.

6 years ago#5
If you are doing this online in player matches, you can get three extra achievements earlier. Right after your very first match, as long as the match finishes one way or another, you will get:

Wanderer (10) [ONLINE ONLY]

During any round that doesn't require player two at full health at some point (basically any of them except Noel vs. Litchi,) just hit your opponent once to start the match and get the first strike. You need to do this five rounds in a row. You will get:

I'm Faster Than Anybody (20) [ONLINE ONLY]

The other one is, in the process of doing these other achievements, make sure your opponent picks every character at least once. You will need to face all twelve characters at least once to get this achievement:

Ruler of Kagutsuchi (10) [ONLINE ONLY]

As you play, save a replay for at least five matches. During a break, or when you're finished, choose Replay Theater at the main menu. You will unlock:

I Like to Watch (10) [ONLINE ONLY]

If you're doing the following achievements in local Versus, you will have to get those achievements at a later time.

Set up a Versus game with player one as Noel and player two as Litchi.

As Noel, hit 236A. A lot. Just keep doing it. Make sure you don't hit Litchi. Yes, she'll say 'hands off the panda!' Do this 101 times. If you've already done this a couple of times in story/arcade mode, that's that many less you have to do. You will get this achievement:

This Is Important... (20)

Now, with Litchi, walk up to Noel and throw her. Break the throw with Noel. To break a throw, just hit the throw buttons (B+C) as soon as you see yourself getting grabbed. Do this 50 times. You will get:

Greased Pig (10)

As Noel, walk up to Litchi and hit all four buttons to barrier burst. That's one of 30 bursts you will need for another achievement, so we might as well do everything we can in one match.

As Litchi, hold back to keep her blocking. With Noel, keep wailing on the blocking Litchi. Your goal is to break her guard. After breaking Litchi's guard, you will get:

You Never Forget Your First (10)

As Litchi, beat up Noel until she's at about 10-20% of her health left. You'll notice that Noel's heat gauge will start to regenerate on its own at that point without getting hit. Assuming that Litchi is at full health and Noel is at critical health, taunt (default button: LB) with Litchi. You should get:

Words Hurt Too (30)

Now as Noel, do the same thing to Litchi: beat her up until she gets to 10-20% of her health. You should have 100% Heat Gauge as Noel by now. At point blank range, hit down on the right thumb stick of the 360 controller. If you're using an arcade stick or a fight pad, you'll have to find out how to do Noel's Astral Heat through the command list. Watch the festivities. You will get:

It's Go Time (10)

GT: Trilkin // PSN: PrayToCthulhu
It hurts, Ragna! =x
6 years ago#6
From now on, when I tell you to Astral Heat a character, you know that you will need 100% heat gauge, you will need to be on the final round of the match (which, if you're following my directions, you will always be by virtue of each match being one round anyway,) and your opponent will need to be at 20% life or less. You also know how to barrier burst now if you didn't already.

Start a new match. Make Litchi player one and Tager player two. Reduce Litchi's health to <20% by showing her REAL SOVIET DAMAGE. Don't beat up Tager yet, because we need to him to be able to take a few hits. Note that you must do all of the following in the same round, which is why we need Tager to survive.

Wait for Litchi to hit 100% Heat and then first perform All Green (6, 4, 2, 8+C - When performing it make sure you hit Up and C at the same time so Litchi doesn't jump.) Make sure Tager is in range so he gets hit by it - stand about a body's length away from Tager. He's a pretty big target, so it shouldn't be too tough.

After that, get back into Tager's face and perform the Great Wheel (632146+D while holding staff - Mash buttons in the middle of its activation to make it fly all over the place. You only need to hit Tager once though.)

Now hit D to deploy Litchi's staff in front of Tager and wait for her to get 100% Heat again. Perform Thirteen Orphans (632146+D, while staff is deployed.) It should hit Tager at least once, but probably more. If you hit Tager with the Distortions, you will get:

Hat-Trick (10)

Reduce Tager's health to <20% if it isn't already, and wait for Litchi to get 100% Heat again. Litchi's Astral is funky, but it's still easy. Barrier Burst. Deploy her staff with D again and then perform Last Chance (63214+A with staff deployed.) Litchi should be perched on her staff. Make sure she's in close range to Tager when you do this. Now you can perform her Astral by hitting down on the right thumbstick/doing it manually.

Now, pick Bang for both player one and player two. Have each Bang hit the other Bang with D four times and then have them beat each up until they're both at <20% life and have at least 50% Heat. Activate Furinkazan (214214D) with both of them.


Er, anyway, you get the following achievement immediately:

Bangarang! (20)

With player one's Bang, Barrier Burst, then wait until his Heat Gauge is at 100%. Bang's Astral is a bit tricky to pull off, especially with FRKZ on, since you only dash. Bang's Astral is only possible to do in the air and is very slow coming out, so you have to make sure that player two's Bang is a bit above him when player one activates his Astral. You will probably need a friend to do this. If you're not comfortable with FRKZ's movement, then do a normal Distortion to kill player two Bang and do the Astral with normal Bang (just make sure your Bang is player one if you're doing this in local Versus or you won't get the achievement.) You'll need the Distortion for another achievement later on anyway.

Select Arakune as player one and your victim of choice for player two. Beat the crap out of player two. It doesn't matter with what - I do suggest a Distortion to finish if you can for a later achievement, but it doesn't matter. You won't be able to do an Astral here - you just won't be able to get 100% heat without taking damage, which you can't do for this achievement. Just make sure you win the round and the match with a perfect. Remember to Barrier Burst at some point. This will unlock:

Beautiful Arakune (20)

Go back in as Arakune again and Barrier Burst, then Astral Heat with him.

6 years ago#7
Next, pick Ragna for player one. Move player two to the other end of the screen. Spam Gauntlet Hades (214B->214D. I'm not sure if you have to do the 214D follow up for the achievement, but do it anyway for safety's sake.) You need to do this 101 times - again, less if you've used it before earlier. Try not to hit player two - at the least, just don't kill player two to save time. You will unlock:

Devil's Advocate (20)

Barrier Burst and Astral Heat with Ragna.

Next, pick Tager. You should know by now that you should always be player one with these characters. I'd pick Tager as player two as well since he has the most health. Fully charge Tager's magnetism bar with 421B. Hold B for a longer charge - Tager will release automatically when the move is over. With a full bar, use Spark Bolt (41236D) to hit player two. Repeat the charge->Bolt combo seven times. You must do this all in one round, so any other Spark Bolts you might've thrown in your career don't count here. You will get this achievement:

Irresistible (10)

Burst and Astral with Tager.

This one will likely require a friend unless you're extremely dexterous.

Pick normal Rachel with player one and Unlimited Rachel with player two. To pick an Unlimited character, highlight them on the character select screen and hit the Taunt button (LB by default.) As Rachel, super and then double jump. At the peak of your second jump, hold the C button and keep it held for the duration of this little project. This will make Rachel unfold her cat and float slower to the ground. With Unlimited Rachel, position yourself beneath normal Rachel and wait. Just before normal Rachel hits the ground, hold up and press D to use a charge of her drive and send her back in the air. Repeat this until her Sylpheed meter is depleted. After this, with Unlimited Rachel, hit 2C to bring out her cat chair. While she's doing 2C, you want to do 8D to use her Drive upward. You do NOT want to hit normal Rachel with the chair - you just want to use the chair to keep Unlimited Rachel on the ground. Repeat this several times, making sure that normal Rachel NEVER hits the ground nor gets hit by the cat chair. The goal is to keep normal Rachel afloat for 25 seconds, and Unlimited Rachel's Sylpheed meter regenerates much faster on the ground than normal Rachel's, which is why you're using her to boost normal Rachel. Eventually, you will get this achievement:

Spoonful of Sugar (20)

Burst and Astral Heat with normal Rachel.

Next, pick Jin. Player two should probably be Tager in case you hit him while doing this.

With Jin, you will be doing what is natural to all Jin players: Ice Car. Repeatedly. Ice Car your guts out. If you don't know how to Ice Car, it's 214A, B or C. Use the A version so it's fast, and you won't hit player two as long as he's a decent distance away. You will want to Ice Car 21 times. Keep count, because you have to do this all in one round, and you will not get the achievement until the match is over. After your Ice Car marathon is done, Burst and Astral with Jin. You will get:

Ride the Icening (10)

Pick Carl for player one. Pick your favorite character for player two. First, get Carl out of the way from Nirvana so he doesn't get hit. Hold down the drive button to activate Nirvana and with player two, wail on her until she gets deactivated. You might have to move Nirvana, but you shouldn't have to, since you can just jump over her and hit her from the other side so she doesn't get stuck in the corner. Just make sure Carl's out of the way or you might kill him on accident, which we don't want to do right now. Anyway, deactivate Nirvana two more times after that. After the third deactivation, you will get:

I Can Rebuild Her... (10)

Barrier and Astral with Carl. Note that Carl's Astral actually turns Nirvana into a time bomb, so move player two close to Nirvana so he gets hit with the timer reaches zero. BOOM.

6 years ago#8
Pick Nu for player one and Tager as player two. Barrier Burst with Nu and then get yourself to 100% heat as if you were going to Astral, but you won't be Astraling this time. With Tager at 20% health, activate 236236D twice. You will get a Distortion finish, but the main thing you want to do is make sure Tager is hit at least 20 times after the Finish. We pick Tager because he's a big target and will get hit by all of the swords. After you activate both 236236D's, toss in a few Drive swords of your own if you feel like it. If done right, you should get:

It's the Only Way to Be Sure (10)

Pick Nu again as player one and Barrier Burst, Astral with her.

Pick normal Hakumen and Barrier Burst, Astral with him. After you Astral with Hakumen, you will get:

Discouraging Finish! (30)

With any character as player one, beat the crap out of player two for perfect victories. Make sure that you Burst each round you play, as you can only Burst once a round. You should have at least one perfect match already from Arakune's achievement, leaving you only needing 29 more (or less, if you've gotten perfects through normal game play.) You will unlock the following:

Nothing's Gonna Keep You Down (30)

If you've had to get 29 more Perfects with this method, and assuming you've Bursted every round, you will also get:

Restraining Order (20)

If not, note that you need a total of 30 barrier bursts to get the above achievement. Do them in Versus mode - it doesn't matter as who, but ensure you're doing them as player one.

Pick Unlimited Hakumen as player one. I prefer Tao for player two for this one, but it's up to you. Move Hakumen to the corner and Tao next to him. You might need help with this. In order to understand what you need to do, you'll have to know how to do it: You want to Counter Assault. In order to counter assault, you need to hit forward+A+B while in the middle of guarding an attack (during block stun.) This uses half the Heat Gauge, or for Hakumen, four of his Heat charges. Since Unlimited Hakumen regenerates his heat gauge faster than any other character, we'll be using him to do this. While blocking with Hakumen, repeatedly hit him with Tao's A. In the middle of your block with Hakumen, Counter Assault her. If you do this right, Hakumen will flash white and strike forward with his elbow, sending Tao backward. Sometimes you won't hit Tao, but the elbow strike will still come out - this is fine. It still counts. Do this 30 times. You will unlock:

Stop Hitting Yourself (20)

Still with Unlimited Hakumen, activate his counter Distortion drive (236236D.) Tao doesn't need to attack him during this, but if you feel like beating the crap out of her, hey... Your call. Anyway, you want to do this Distortion 101 times. Depending on how many Distortion drives you've done while playing normally, you may be able to do it fewer times. Either way, after the 101th Distortion Drive (total), you will get:

Designated Driver (30)

Still as Unlimited Hakumen, wait until you have at least five Charges. Perform 214B and in the middle of the animation, Rapid Cancel (A+B+C.) Repeat this 100 more times if you haven't already been using Rapid Cancels in Story and Arcade mode. You will get:

Animation Conservation (20)

If you haven't already gotten the "Restraining Order" achievement, do that now. You need 30 Barrier Bursts (total) to get it, so it will require a new match for each burst. Remember, you need to do this as player one.

6 years ago#9
The next one is a bit trickier. As player one, pick Tager. As player two, pick whomever you like. For this match, you want to get instant blocks. To instant block, start holding back to block JUST before the attack hits you. If you're familiar with Garou: Mark of the Wolves, it's the same concept at Just Defending, but without the health regen. If you did it right, your character will flash white. Perform 300 instant blocks - you likely have a few instant blocks already from playing normally, so you will likely not have to do it all 300 times in one go, but you need a total of 300 for the achievement. If you're very confident, pick Nu as player two, and instant block all of her 6C hits. That will make it much faster. You will unlock:

Their Numbers Count for Nothing (20)

For this next one, pick Nu for both player one and player two. Have them both beat the crap out of each other until one Drive sword would kill both of them. Hit D at the exact same time for both of them to score a Double Down and the following achievement:

This Just Got Real (20)

You might have to do this multiple times, since the timing is a bit funky. You have to be at least a frame or two within the button presses, so hit them both simultaneously.

Now pick a character. Any character. It doesn't matter. As player one, highlight them in character select and hit Start to select it. You should get the color list. Pick the first one on the list. Exit back to character select after you get in game. Repeat this for every color on the list. The downloadable colors don't count for this - you just need the ones on the first page. After you pick the last color, you should get:

In Living Color (10)

At this point, you should be very familiar with how BlazBlue handles. For the next two achievements, I suggest you brush up on your Nu skills, as Nu will be the easiest character to do this with. The combos you will want to practice with her are:

5DD->4DD->236D (basic BnB poke combo)
5DD->4DD->236D->RC->5DD->6DD->j.DD->dj.2DD->j.214D (basic RC combo)
4B->j.C->j.2C->dj.C->j.2C (basic close range counter-hit combo)

If you feel you can do this with any other character, then you're on your own there, because my main is Nu and she's all I know =P

Back at the main menu, go the Game Options again and change the Arcade difficulty to Hell while keeping the rounds at one and timer at 30s. Don't panic - it's easier than it actually sounds. The Hell-mode CPU is about as smart as the average level 10-20 player online. In fact, it might well be dumber, because even the dumbest/newest players will realize that if you're getting hit by the same Nu Drive combo, it's probably a good idea to block. Then again, even level 40+'s don't seem to be able to grasp that, so...

6 years ago#10
Anyway, assuming you're sticking with Nu for this like I told you, you can follow the following instructions:

Get to about a body length and a half away from your opponent. Start doing the baisc BnB poke combo. Once you nail the CPU once and knock them down, just keep repeating it, starting with 5DD as they ground recovery. Change the timing by a few frames or so. Mix it up with her 236236D Distortion. They will NOT block the full string. You can keep them effectively locked down like this for the entire round. There's a 'sweet spot' for your range from the CPU that will essentially keep them frozen and attempting to do things that will likely end up as a counter hit for you, which is that length-and-a-half that I mentioned. As long as you stay in that rough range, the CPU will be unable to do anything to you. If you don't feel like cheesing it with constant BnB poke combos, just remember that the CPU is still not very bright, but break 99.9% of your normal throws, so don't even bother with them. Just fish for counter hits (very easy, since the CPU does a combination of AI and pad-reading) and rip apart the CPU at your leisure. Note that even if you lose and have to continue, you will get the following achievement for completing Hell-difficulty Arcade Mode:

Dante (30)

Now comes the fun: Score Attack mode. Score Attack mode is permanently on 'Super Hell' essentially - it's MUCH more difficult than Hell mode on Arcade. You cannot change any of the settings for Score Attack - it will always be the same difficulty mode, 99 seconds, two rounds. I also believe that the order you fight everyone is the same as well, so you should be fighting Bang first, Taokaka second, etc. Note that after Bang, you will NOT be able to normal-throw the CPU at all. Don't even bother trying. Score Attack mode is really tough for the new player, and honestly, you might well want to try playing some actual players online to get better with your character before you attempt it. Also, if you play Nu, that BnB poke combo is NOT safe to spam at ALL against anyone with half a brain. Use it as a poke from long range and use it as part of your ranging tool-set. Anyone with any sense will know to block or just jump over the first set of swords and punish you for it, but then 6DD takes care of that and... well, that's basic Nu strategy and that's for another thread. In short, the stuff that works against the CPU will more than likely NOT work against a human unless they're extremely thick, so don't rely on it.

The good news is that the cheesing trick with Nu works for Score Attack mode too. The only two characters that you will have trouble with are Taokaka (because the CPU loves to drive spam with her,) and Rachel (she will always be in Unlimited Mode in score attack, and her Sword Iris will come out even if you hit her mid-activation.) Unlimited Ragna is... honestly a tremendous pansy in Score Attack mode if you cheese the CPU. I double-perfected him and even finished the last round with an Astral Finish against him. Yes, he's that easy to cheese with Nu. If you play anyone else... well, you're on your own there! Unlimited Ragna is a pain in the ass if you can't find a way to cheese him. It gets worse: if you lose at ANY point, the Score Attack run is over and you have to start at the beginning. Don't give up. score Attack is hard, but the CPU isn't that smart. With any given character, you'll likely find some trick that will make the CPU do what you want it to do. If/when you succeed, you get the following two achievements:

Welcome to the Azure Nightmare (30)
Leonidas (40)

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