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Awesome game, only complaint is no herb carryover (Archived)zeb_gossage16/2 5:26PM
handgun only run (Archived)JillSandwich9215/4/2014
does steve ever get saved? (Archived)justinpoulson37/1/2013
Can you get S ranks with two players? (Archived)Euwat111/29/2012
How does this compare to Resident Evil 4? (Archived)Ilovepeasoup111/8/2012
Can i fix my graphics (Archived)FlameHead56311/2/2012
Message for AliG200 (Archived)jasonateam17/31/2012
Help with Nosferatu (Archived)AliG20017/5/2012
not enough ammo and the weapons are too weak to beat the final tyrant (Archived)messatsu999917/4/2012
Is it really worth unlocking all Archives? (Archived)Kalamord26/25/2012
Secret Chapter (Tofu) Titles and Rankings. (Archived)brocky8815/9/2012
My Theory Of What The Game Would Probably Be Like (Archived)Hardcoremayhem33/31/2012
How badly does the shaky-cam hurt the gameplay? (Archived)ploodie611/29/2011
This and Umbrella Chronicles announced as part of a PS3 HD Collection (Archived)CLupula511/2/2011
So, Krauser... (SPOILERS!) (Archived)
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For a long time, I never left the first half of the soundtrack (Archived)GilgameshSwords610/31/2011
This was a fun board. (Archived)GamerTai210/27/2011
C/D: Darkside Chronicles is a more enjoyable game than Dead Space Extraction... (Archived)BeanCounter6419/22/2011
Why do I find....(PC version - false right?) (Archived)Maybe_yes49/5/2011
Another Upgrade question (Archived)radamantys49/5/2011
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