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7 years ago#1

I'm having trouble with the skill points that you have to hit the buttons without hitting them to get a perfect score but I always seem to get messed up at the end when all the buttons come at once so are there any tips to mastering this one?.

Plus I can't seem to get the one where you have to rescue clank in under 1 minute 25 seconds so help with that one would be good to.

7 years ago#2
I'm with you on the rhythm challenges. There's two "Perfect" ones like that I ended up never doing them...the game just seems way too sensitive about getting the exact timing right. Part of it was the difficulty but part of it was because the button-pressing parts were so fricking boring. It took me LOADS of time to do Quark's Magnus Opus skill point but I kept at it since at least it was fun to play.

On the Gadgebot playthrough, I found that you should just plain ignore ALL the enemies. You don't need to fight them and you should just head straight to the doors or the lightning-things that you need to open the doors. Yes, they may hit you and ruin your run but you'll get it eventually. Strangely, there's two more Gadgebot time-limit skill points later on and I couldn't figure out how to do those at ALL.
7 years ago#3

Gotthree more skill points I'm having trouble with as they are these -

1. Get 1075 points in the Giant Clank challenge?

2. Punch out ever pirate in Qwark's challenge but how to deal with the ones on turrets as they keep killing me.

3. Defeat 3 megarock as how on earth do I do that?.

Help me out as fast as soon as someone reads this this.

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