Min Maxing & I Kill the Rock Skill Points

#1BlazinBeatPosted 3/2/2010 1:48:31 AM
I'm having trouble killing that first Megarock - I've managed to stock up 7 missile rounds and fired them all, but just came short of killing it in time before it escaped. The FAQ makes it sound much easier than I've been experiencing. Given I've gotten 60 out of 65 skill points, I don't think I lack the finger dexterity or reflexes, there's just probably a certain trick out there to get these skill points that I haven't yet figured out.

As for Min Maxing, I figure it'll come naturally once I get the Megarock down.

I know this game is old news and the board seems vacated now, but if anybody comes across this with some tips and tricks to do these skill points that'll be much appreciated.
In exchange, if you'd like help with skill points, feel free to ask and I'll do what I can to help.

I'm on my first playthrough shooting for a perfect game - I've coloured all the maps (as much as I can - this took a long time), fully upgraded Clank and Ratchet's weapons (1st playthrough-wise anyway - this includes the commonly missed Bee Mine Glove), got all the titanium bolts, bought all the skins, finished all the missions, and have 60 out of 65 skill points.