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I just bought this and it didn't come with instruction booklet :( (Archived)ZodasRevenge31/14 11:07PM
Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 Complete Game Archive (Master Ninja Mode) (Archived)Gamechive211/29 2:40AM
ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 vs Bayonetta (Archived)oMDKo411/13 4:11PM
VIDEO : No damage run. Mentor/Ninja Master (Archived)Xynz19/29 1:30PM
is there a ninja dog mode in this game? (Archived)star_guy_10049/24 7:35PM
Is the cave boss easier in Path of the Mentor? (Archived)HeroicSomaCruz69/20 9:55AM
Can anyone help me with the team missions? (Archived)CodenameBourbon38/21 8:54AM
Ninja Gaiden 2 VS ninja Gaiden 2 Sigma (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
SenSx146/24 8:52PM
What's the point of the explosive barrels? (Archived)WhyWontHeFall16/23 9:14PM
Do I need to have beaten the first Sigma to understand Sigma 2's story? (Archived)HakuMan11138625/21 3:09PM
Favorite combo? (Archived)wyansas64/6 8:15AM
game feels like it has input lag... or is slower or something (Archived)yerbw93/28 4:59PM
is this game hard/difficult? (Archived)xiahoudun_wb63/22 11:02PM
I honestly don't understand how people think this is easier than NG2. (Archived)Chrisb6412/13/2014
This could help newcomers against Elizabet on MNM and missions (Archived)meyer0032/13/2014
I'm back (Archived)lance7221/23/2014
Japanese version (Archived)douglaslort612/20/2013
Bosses on harder difficulties don't have lesser enemies to aid them? (Archived)DrLight66512/6/2013
Help needed with few missions (Archived)Valkyreo410/17/2013
Retail copy includes DLC? (Archived)OdioTotale49/29/2013
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