How to loot a village?

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6 years ago#1

I started playing for a few hours, starting at Swadia, and got 32 men. Swadia is at war with Rhodoks, how do I loot a Swadia village? There's only "hostile action" option nothing more.

6 years ago#2
If you click "Take hostile action" another menu will pop up with new options. You can loot the village or steal cattle.
6 years ago#3

Yes, I did that, but how do I plunder and pillage a village. You know being evil, kidnap villagers, totally sack the village.

6 years ago#4
uhhh you cant?
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6 years ago#5

just figured out how. After I approach a Count on the field, he ask me if I want to be a mercendary for the king, I said yes. After that the option to loot and burn enemy villages available.

6 years ago#6

and if you want to capture villagers, just use blunt weapons to knock them down instead of killing (if you convert the women in to your army, they make sword sister at their ultimate evolution, they're nice :D)

6 years ago#7

You don't need to be a mercenary to loot and pillage. You just need to be at war, basically attack one of their lords and then you get the option to loot and pillage.

6 years ago#8
Lol taking the women :D It doesn't get more medieval than that.
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6 years ago#9
Well taking the women and then training them to be what I guess are supposed to be warrior nuns isnt really historically accurate but im not going to complain. The question is do you want women in plate mail riding white horses or not? Incidentally Sword Sisters are about equal to Swadian Men at Arms. They both cost about the same, Men at Arms have slightly better stats and ride Hunters or War Horses, Sword Sisters ride coursers but all of them wear plate mail. In a straight fight the Men at Arms will usually win but still its women in plate mail riding white horses!
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