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User Info: BenSully1234

6 years ago#1
There are a couple things I used with the original mount and blade that I was hoping someone might have come across already for warbands. The first is a troop editor that HokieBT made- it allowed you to change what armors and items certain troop types used as well as editing partys- like make groups of sea raiders appear in larger numbers, or have farmers as prisoners- has a program like this come around for Warbands, or does anyone know how to edit things like the party or troops txt files?

The second was a mod that made building construction go much faster- instead of over a month to make a mill it took a few weeks. I'd love to get my hands on a similar mod or learn how to change construction times myself if anyone knows a good starting point I'd appreciate it.

User Info: treygreen13

6 years ago#2
Take a look at the Taleworlds website. On the forums there is a program called MBTWeak that allows you to change a lot of things.

I don't believe the troop editor is out yet, but the tweaks offered on M&B work on Warband, minus a couple of tweaks.

User Info: treygreen13

6 years ago#3
Sorry, got the name backwards. It's TweakMB.
Here's the link.

User Info: salatrin

6 years ago#4
From magelord 82 tweaks, the one for changing the values that effect construction buil;d times and cost can be found at this link,46290.msg1217024.html#msg1217024

i haven't tried it myself yet but i checked the code in the menus.txt file and it is still the exact same from what i can see so i don't see why it shouldn't work.
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