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6 years ago#1
What units are best?
What type of infantry?
What type of cavalry?
type of Archers?

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6 years ago#2
Archers are pretty standard, though as a rule I prefer archers instead of crossbowman. Crossbowmen are good to defend a castle or town with, but on the open field their slow reload rate is a hinderance compared to a group of archers laying down continuous fire on an advancing army. But archers don't really belong in melee, where as crossbowmen usually come with a shield so they might be more useful in a siege. On the other hand, the enemy has shields too and it helps to have archers that fire quickly on the enemy shields, so they are more likely to break when your melee storms the walls.

I'm not really sure what the best soldiers are of the different types though. I've been playing the sarrinids and I think their melee isn't that great from what I've seen. I seem to lose more of them than the mamluke cavalry. I have only played with the sarrinids though so I can't say for sure what type of each is better. Their archers are pretty solid though.
6 years ago#3
I use an army of Swadian Knights. I have taken 100's of enemies with just 50. With just 100, I've taken 1200. I'm not bsing either. They are the absolute best calvary, but they can also hold a fight on foot.

Having said that, I think Rhodoks make the best crossbowmen, Vaegirs make the best archers, Nords make the best infantry (the Hurshels are dragon slayers), and Swadians make the best calvary. If you're looking for horse archers, looks no further than the Khergs. Haven't tried to pick a fight with the new faction, but I'm certain they'll eat steal, just like the rest.

I say stick with Swadians though.
6 years ago#4
I'll echo the prowess of Swadian cavalry. When I rerolled my character I wasn't thinking much when I decided to change my starting area...the cavalry troops were a pleasant surprise.
6 years ago#5
I dunno about the Swadians being top dog at mounted cavalry anymore. The Mamelukes are giving them a really good run for the money.

Has anyone done any comparison between Vaegir Marksmen and Sarranid archers? I used to use only crossbow, but I think a switch to archers would be wise.
6 years ago#6
[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]
6 years ago#7
In Spite of what everyone on here thinks.....the Nords have the best cavalry hands-down, i mean seriously people, their cavalry is so LIGHTNING fast that it's like they are not even there.

So, seriously, the best Cavalry goes to the Sarrenids and the Swadians, lot of debate on which is more dominant, but personally i'd say the Mamalukes edge out the Swadian knights by just a hair.

As far Archers...
gain i would have to say Sarrenid is near the top in this catagory as well, along with the mightly archers of the Vaegirs, but in this case, as good as they both are, few would argue thatt the Vaegirs are tops in this group.

For Infantry...that Honor has to belong to the Nords with their mighty huscarls, honestly i don't know who else would be near top in the group is only infantry i ever have on my group are either MErs swordsman which tops at Hired Blades and the Huscarls, but some say Sarrenid has fairly decent fooot soldiers s, take that for what it's worth

If crossbows are your thing, then definately the Rhodoks, and if your a Nomad at heart then look no further then the Khergits(horse archers)
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6 years ago#8
Swadian Knights are stronger than Mamelukes (tougher... i think they dish out the same punishment)
Thats ESPECIALLY noticable when storming a castle
I've taken towns with 80 knights
I can't even take a castle with that many mamelukes
6 years ago#9
Nord huscarls as infantry
Vaergirs as archers.
Swadians as knights
Rhodoks for crossbowmen.
Khergits horse archers.

Usually I garrison my castles with Nord Archers because they are better at melee than most archers as well as with swadian/rhodok crossbowmen. Then for infantry I pile in Huscarls in my castles. For field battles I usually use like 70 swadian knights 30 khergit skirmishers or a ration like that.
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6 years ago#10


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