When is the right time to become a Mercenary?

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User Info: yienmaster

7 years ago#1
I'm thinking about becoming a mercenary for a vassal who's village I helped out in the past. I've already got a few points in my favor from helping his village and then meeting him on the road and getting thanked by him.

My question is, if I become a merc for him, am I considered part of that country then? Will I have to run from any armies of nations that country is not peaceful with? All the armies I see are huge on numbers (80+), and I think they'd crush me.

Here is my party at the moment:

Me, Level 8

About 30 men, in a 5-10-15 split between cavalry, archery, and infantry.
Average level of my men is 17, and they cost me 500/week.

So am I too weak to be successful as a merc, and would I find myself with my tail between my legs all the time?

On the subject, I got an invite for something out of the blue from a courier on horseback inviting me to join a faction/country. I don't remember if it was as a merc or a vassal or what, but I wasn't ready to commit. Does anyone know what type of invitation that would have been. I know I was totally neutral with the faction so I didn't understand why they sent for me.

User Info: zerozedi

7 years ago#2
Pretty sure invitations are only to become a vassel. Well being a merc you can just cruise around and do what you are doing now and really only go when you are summoned by a marshal. You will have a bunch of guys around to help you so it's a pretty safe bet. Only thing you gotta worry about are wandering lords of the faction your at war with.
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User Info: yienmaster

7 years ago#3
Ok. Doesn't sound too dangerous. I might join up.

I'm sad to hear that that invitation must have been to become a vassal... and really confused. I had pretty much no contact with that kingdom at all. Weird. Maybe I should have jumped on that.

User Info: cid_leath

7 years ago#4
It's really not dangerous. You should be alot faster than other lords anyway so you can run if need be.
Become a merc, it gets a bit better. Esp when you get your first fief.
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  3. When is the right time to become a Mercenary?

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