How do you dismount your horse!?!

#1ShamusMcCloudPosted 4/25/2010 7:49:35 PM
As the topic inquires, how the heck do you get off of your horse without having to get it killed first. So far I suck in mounted combat so I would like to fight on foot but I can't figure out how to get down! Please oh please help me.
#2InfernalDragon5Posted 4/25/2010 7:59:49 PM
1. While in the map, open inventory and unequip your horse.
2. During battle, move to a complete stop and center your camera to your horse's head. You'll get a "dismount" prompt. Press F to dismount.
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#3twi41Posted 4/25/2010 8:35:40 PM

Look at nuts. Hit: F