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6 years ago#1
Ok so I'm on a mission to help a claimant reclaim her throne (Lady Isolla of Suno, Swadian rebels).

Anyway I have a few lords on my side now, 2 towns, 2 castles and a bunch of villages.
Now I'm puzzled about how to assign fiefs. Right after I conquer a castle lady Isolla asks who should get the fief. I pick someone, but still the castle doesn't have the flag of that lord, or if I assign the castle to another lord he doesn't do anything with it (ie, if I leave it with 0 garrisoned units it stays that way forever). Also when I go to that castle it says it's not garrisoned even though I put in some units myself. So I imagine "Not garrisoned" means "no owner".

Now at first I thought this is how it's supposed to be. But then I noticed a strange thing. I noticed that I can ask the lords who should get the fief to Ruluns(a village near Suno). Now I have Suno and presumably that village because I persuaded the lord who owns Suno to join us. BUT when I go to ruluns it says it has no owner.

So my question: Is this a bug or do I have to actually assign ruluns to someone somehow and THEN I will be able to assign other fiefs?

Hope I explained it to you clearly. I wanna figure this out, cause it's starting to get annoying.
6 years ago#2
I heard the quests for helping out throne claimants are bugged, can't confirm this myself though.

About assigning fiefs, are you going inside your own castle and speaking with your minister? You should be able to assign feifs and all that from there. Don't know if anything else will actually assign a fief.
6 years ago#3
Thing is I don't have my own castle. I assigned myself Praven when I took it over, but I don't think it worked. Seems like it's without an owner. Also what do you mean about minister? What minister?
6 years ago#4
I see, the thing is you can't assign fiefs unless you are a king. Otherwhise someone else has to do it, typically if you are a vassal your king assigns them. Seeing as you are helping a claimant I suppose you aren't in the service of anyone but that claimant.

Praven is a City not a castle, so that might be part of the issue? But I suspect it is because your claimant isn't a king yet they can't assign fiefs despite the fact they ask you who things should be assigned to.

Here is a question and answer thing that should help you understand the need for a minister, taken from the game's offical forums

I've started a new game where I decided to work for myself without pledging alliegance to any kingdom, so when Idefeat a castle, I say I want to hold it myself. Though when I visit the castle, it says that there is no garrison, no owner, and it says that I have currently no fiefs? Is this a bug, and if that be the case, anyone else experienced this?"

You claim it as your own when you first take it as no vassal to anyone. There should be a screen for making someone your minister, so you better be married (best) or have at least one companion to make the minister. Then you have to go into the castle and talk to them about kingdom issues and assign a fief to someone, then give it to yourself, same with each village associated with a castle or city, they each have to be given one at a time.*

And here is another forum post chain that explains the issue you are having, it's a bug pure and simple

What exatly is the claimant bug of 1.113?

I heard that supporting a claimant is broken on this patch, if there a way to fix it? what is the problem exatly? i dont want to risk doing it before i know.

You cannot complete any of the claimant quests. There currently is not any resolution to the matter. I suspect the devs are working to fix this. I have heard no ETA on the latest patch though I am expecting it to be significant considering the time delay.*

Joining a claimant while already a vassal of their faction will start your own faction instead of adding you to X_Rebels. Furthermore, if you start the claimant quest while not a vassal of any realm, you will be unable to assign fiefs to lords that join the claimant faction. The dialogue to suggest fief assignments works, but the fiefs remain unclaimed and ungarrisoned.*
6 years ago#5
That clears things up, thanks.
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